Happy January! We asked our new Instructor of the Month, Steph, to walk us through a typical day in the life! Follow along here!



I wake up around 5:15 and head downstairs, heat up some water and make coffee with my French press. I LOVE any Stumptown coffee. At this time, I also feed Lady breakfast. She is the happiest pup in the morning. 



At 5:45, I start to make my playlist and when it’s done, that’s when I get ready for the day. I like to listen to it as I get ready, from my shower through making my lunch.

When 7:20 hits, I’m headed out the door so I can avoid the school traffic. I like to be at GritCycle Monarch Beach by 7:45 and by this time I HAVE HAD MY 3RD CUP OF JOE!!!

I’m in the Saddle Room by 7:50 testing all the fun things. I dance around the room and practice my dad jokes.



8:15 – Code Blue!!!! 45 mins of endorphins and sweat!

By 9:30 I’ve taken my 2nd shower and head to the GritCycle HQ. Lots of design, vibes, and hula hooping happens.
4th cup of COFFEE.

After my workday, I use the time and drive to catch up with Charmaine and Lisa, my mom and sometimes my Grandma. :slightly_smiling_face: 



And depending on my hubby’s schedule we will make dinner or hang out on the couch with the fire with lady 



Bedtime 9:30 #score



Thanks for walking us through your day, Mrs. Woods! We can’t wait to ride with you in the Saddle Room! Want to join in? The class is only $15 on the following days:

Thursday, January 11th at 8:15 am
Saturday, January 20th at 7:00 am
Friday, January 26th at 5:30 am


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