Happy New Year Gritties!

2018 is already in motion to be one of the most exciting years to date; we are set to open our new studio in Long Beach, we’ve added an amazing crew of instructors and staff to our roster, and our fantastic client base is growing more than ever.

We are so grateful for this wonderful Grit Cycle community, but we always strive to be better and more effective. Goal setting is one of our favorite past times. We asked our staff what they are looking forward to for the year of 2018, both Grit Cycle-related and personally….this is what they had to say:

Cassie: This is another growth year for GritCycle as we open our third studio and first in Los Angeles County!  I’m excited to build my first {of many} studios from the ground up.  It’s going to be a learning experience, and I’m leaning on Matt and Marisa for their expertise. Marisa is the brains behind leases, building plans, and working with the engineers.  I need to understand these things better. 
It’s been fun to work with Matt behind the scenes and I plan on exploiting even more of his hidden talents. 
Outside of Grit, I’m looking forward to a trip to Paris, France in the fall for a “BIG” birthday.  

Carly: For me, I would have to say starting a new chapter in my life and going to college. I hope to end up in Colorado next fall while majoring in broadcast journalism!

Steph: “I’m excited to start my 30’s….and my awkward 20’s will be over….”

Leigh: “One of my 2018 goals is to get back to regularly scheduled Pilates classes…twice a week!”

ShannonI am MOST excited about my new class times at Grit Cycle! 10:45 am in Monarch Beach !!!!!!!!!!!
Additionally excited about Surfing on my new longboard! {Shaped for me by the man who loves me.}
I’m excited to catch more sunrises this year!
Resetting my circadian rhythm {as Cassie would say!}
And I’m transitioning more and more to a primarily plant-based diet!
Yay 2018!

As always, it’s you, our Gritties who we want to hear from; especially if it pertains to goal-crushing…..What are you looking forward to, most, for this upcoming year? Are there any specific Saddle Room intentions you’re setting that we can help with?

Happy New Year!


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