The Holiday Season is in full-throttle, operating mode; parties have begun, celebrating with friends and family have commenced, and for some of us, that can mean a slight slip off the health and fitness wagon.

Holiday weight gain and exercise relapse does not have to happen! With proper planning, nothing severe or adamant, the next month of gatherings, family and work obligations, multiple-meal offerings, and erratic schedule changes can actually be managed stress-free and without the added pounds, or illness that often comes this time of year.

We surveyed our staff for their best remedies and safeguards against the holiday bulge and sick season; this is what they had to say:

New mom and instructor Danielle H doesn’t let a few late nights and over-indulgences derail her healthy living:  “December is a hard month to stay on track with for me because ONE it’s my favorite time of the year and TWO it’s my birthday month {December 30th,}

Here are my tips:

1. Park a little further in any parking lot. Whether it be at the Mall, grocery store or work, you will get a couple extra steps in that might help negate that eggnog you drank earlier. (Yes my guilty pleasure is eggnog)

2. If booze is part of your holiday indulgence, try to keep it to only nights you know you have a social event. On the other nights, I buy apple cider tea (unsweetened) and have it while I am watching TV. Helps curb that sweet tooth.

3. If you find yourself mindless indulging because it is just “around”, try picking up the phone and catching up with a friend, or taking your pup for a walk, or wrap a present or two.


“1.  I say “no” to a lot of things.  We tend to over-commit during this time of year.  
2.  I wash my hands like crazy.  
3.  I diffuse an immunity-boosting essential oil at home and rub some onto the small of my back almost every day.  
4.  I get a flu shot in early-September.  I know…but I do!  I’m around a LOT of people breathing in my face.  I need a little protection.  It’s not too late to get one.  
5.  I stick to my regular eating, workout, and sleep routine. ” 

Our firecracker instructor Nicci believes in non-stop, on-the-go, “MOMENTUM!” Nicci says: “Just keep moving!  Don’t wait for New Years Resolutions.  Move and try to eat healthily and stay home when you can!  Enjoy the holiday’s in moderation.  Don’t beat yourself up if you have a setback.  Tomorrow is a new day!  Keep going!  Just keep swimming ; ) Just keep swimming ; ) #sweateveryday”

 For Monarch Beach instructor, Gretchen, she relies on special potions to keep her head above ground:

“KUNG FU TONIC is my secret weapon to stay healthy during the holidays…I call it a magical immune boosting elixir. “

As always we love hearing from our Gritties!

What are YOUR best tips for staying healthy and battling the holiday bulge during this hectic season?

See you in the Saddle Room!



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