In this season of Gratitude, we at Grit Cycle want to highlight and celebrate all that we are truly grateful for. There is so much we are thankful for; we’ve even created Gratitude Boards at our studios so that you too can to share your acknowledgment of good fortune.

We asked our staff members what they were feeling especially appreciative for during this season of Thanksgiving; this is what they had to say:

Our front desk superstar, Zoe, says she is “grateful for my family. Obviously.”


Of course, I am grateful for the BIG things…family, friends, career, health….I think those are the obvious answers.  Here’s my list of the small things that make me grateful.  
*lemon pepper – make EVERYTHING taste better
*strong wifi – makes me more efficient
*seat heaters in my car – warms my booty when it’s cold
*Boomerang for Gmail – lets me work while others sleep
*Grammarly – makes me look smart
*Shazam – helps me to be a better instructor
*Stranger Things – it helps me to decompress

Instructor Steph Castro-Woods gives us her tongue-in-cheek and earnest version of what she’s grateful for this year:
COFFEE! that’s it 😉
JK- but really I’m Ridiculously grateful to live this life I’m living.. from My hubs to my Pup Lady.. Family and friends! and My second family at Grit Cycle.. 
I wake up every morning with a smile. I am truly blessed! 

Our free-spirit and always ready-with-a-smile, instructor Maddy oozes gratitude every day. She shared a more detailed index for us here:
This year I am especially thankful for my health and this bad ass body I get to live in that allows me to do all the super rad things in life! From spinning every day to climbing giant mountains to just being able to enjoy moments with friends and family. That is what I am grateful for. Also, my Mom. I’d be lost without her. Extra thankful for Mom

We at Grit Cycle are incredibly fortunate for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful community. Every day we are touched by our client’s commitment to health, compassion for each other, and integrity faced with struggle. We are inspired by you, we are moved by you and we are thankful for you.

From all of us at Grit Cycle, Happy Thanksgiving.

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