It’s not a pretty subject, but it doesn’t have to be an ugly subject: breakouts.

Breakouts happen. Even to the best of us. Heat, sweat, sunscreen, makeup, dry shampoo, sparkly bands, etc. it all makes for the perfect environment for skin to break out. But just because you ride in the Saddle Room doesn’t mean acne is a requirement. We have compiled some tips on the best way to banish “the breakout” in and out of the Saddle Room.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it truly is important to shower immediately after physical activity. Use an over-the-counter face and body wash containing salicylic acid. Wash places that acne commonly occurs, including the face, neck, back and chest. Allow the face and forehead to breath. If you typically wear a hat or headband, this causes additional friction in heat, resulting in breakouts. Bacteria can also accumulate on the item, inflaming and irritating the skin.

As important as it is to keep your skin clean, as with anything you need to keep things balanced so overwashing the skin is ill-advised. Some people believe upping their washing frequency will minimize breakouts, but it actually does the opposite: skin goes into overdrive, producing more oil and causing additional breakouts.

Not everything that works for one person will work for another, especially when it comes to breakouts; here’s what our Grit Cycle staff swears by to keep their skin peaches~n~cream clear:

New bride and Cover Girl-face fresh, Katie Frome, keeps her, skin newlywed clear, with good old-fashioned clean eating: “I hate even typing this….but the best way to keep my skin fresh and pretty is to eat clean. Lots of veggies. Lots of water. I can always tell when I’ve had a litttttle too much by the state of my chin, haha. But for when that doesn’t work, I really love the exfoliating facial I get at Beauty with a Mission! “

You’d never believe from looking at her golden, clear face that our glowy-faced instructor Cassie ever battled skin issues. Cassie won that war and tells us the story of victory: My dad made my mom take me to a dermatologist when I was 14 years old for “treatments” that consisted of harsh acid peels, followed by dry ice packs and cortisone injections after extractions.  I was put on Retin-A when I was 16, and since I grew up in Malibu, my red, scaly skin just loved those summers at the beach. When I was 22 years old, a personal trainer told me that I needed to drink these protein shakes to gain some muscle weight but that it “would probably make my skin worse than it already was.”  I wanted to crawl up into a ball and melt.  My skin WAS bad, and it DID get worse.  No matter how much money I spent on lotions and potions, no matter how many doctors I went to, my skin did not clear up.  To my surprise, after a well-documented, elimination diet challenge where I gave up sugar and gluten, the second biggest change that occurred was that my skin FINALLY cleared up.  Me, the girl who lived with a bottle of benzoyl peroxide in her purse, had skin that needed no makeup.  People actually COMPLIMENTED me on my skin.  What?  Who?  Me???  Do I have scars from all of the years of acne?  Yes, but they are getting better!  Did I mention “bacne?”  You know..zits on my back?  Those cleared up shortly after my face did.  THIS works!  Now that I actually have decent skin, I keep it extra clean by washing my face as soon as I am done sweating.  I change out of my sweaty clothes ASAP.  I use LUMIONskin mist.  It’s antimicrobial and feels amazeballs.  I try to go without makeup as often as possible. Seriously, it’s the lack of sugar and gluten that did the trick!–

Instructor Alex is a practical walking/talking beauty blog, she’s such a wealth of knowledge on the skincare subject; she has the creamy complexion to match too.

Blemishes? Skincare? My favorite topic! You’re speaking my love language.

My beauty secrets? It’s a three-part series.

RULE #1: W A T E R.  There’s no secret. Drink LOTS of it! I try to consume a half a gallon a day, and let’s get serious – I’m probably still dehydrated.  Water flushed out the toxins everywhere, Including the skin so drink up!

RULE #2: VITAMINS. I take a vitamin E in addition to my multi vitamin every day. It helps block free radicals in the body, reduces wrinkles {amen right?}, and keeps your skin looking youthful!

RULE #3: SKINCARE.  I have a routine and never deviate from it.  I’m a diehard PCA skincare fan, but do you a few ‘additions’ to help fight blemishes.  BOOCHA? Yep for the face too! It’s a rose toner; a natural astringent, stimulates blood flow and tightens the pours.  ZYDERMA HAS changed the game for me.  I use it morning and night as a serum. It’s an antimicrobial and it’s AMAZING.  You can get both those products at ROOTS Beauty Underground – but beware, your bank account might not love it! Most of my makeup comes from ROOTS too.  I also use LUMIONSKIN Oxygen Serum morning and night.  Otherwise, it’s PCA SKIN for everything else. My skincare routine is a ritual for me.  Never ever go to bed with makeup on, and buy a silk pillowcase if you can! And wear sunscreen EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Other helpful tips? I love Ursa Major face wipes  – it’s a pre-saddle room essential for me.  And they come in individual packets so you can put one in your makeup bag to carry with you!

Tattoos? No. Chromatic hair? Nope. These aren’t the first things we think of that distinguish our Dani; it’s her picture-perfect, porcelain skin. She was generous enough to share some of her skincare secrets with us.
Here is a snip-it of some of my favorite products for my skin 🙂 I LOVE the Pacifica brand. Not only is it cruelty free but it is also 100% vegan skincare AND bonus points super affordable. I use the cleansing wipes post class to wipe away the sweat and makeup away. 
Not pictured is my trusty Tinkle razor. I have massive amounts of peach fuzz {thank you genetics} so I shave my face. Yes. You read that right. I shave my face. It not only takes away the fuzz, but also helps exfoliate my skin. 
I recently discovered Crave Skincare. LOVE this stuff. Borderline obsessed. It has CBD’s in it and is completely clean and cruelty free. Maybe it is in my mind – but my skin has improved since using her products!  
I am also a big scrubber – shout out to Sally Mattson for introducing me to the Tree Hut sugar scrubs! I also use this daily all over my body to banish bumps and keep everything smooth. 
Last but certainly not least – I know that what goes inside will show on the outside. I do not eat dairy {except for the occasional Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream binge}, eat meat, or drink alcohol. I do not miss cheese. I do not miss cheese. I do not miss cheese. Okay – I miss cheese – but my skin doesn’t! –Dani

Even the Grit Guru gets in on the clear skin action. Matt, too, is a big fan of Lumion’s Oxygen Mist + HOCL.
If you haven’t noticed we’re big fans of this locally founded skincare company that delivers, right-before-your-eyes results. Based on the belief that toxins in our beauty products are ultimately “degrading our health” the founders of Lumion developed a serum and mist that is not only safe for the body, but effective for the skin.
Harnessing the power of oxygen, which stimulates cells, hydration, and plumps skin,  with Hypochlorous acid, a known anti-ager, Lumion dominates the skincare world with its powerful results, without the nasty chemicals.
Grit Cycle feels so strongly about this great product that we are selling it at both studios. Come by the front desk and try a sample.

We love hearing from our Gritties….how do you keep your skin breakout-free?

Until then, See you in the Saddle Room.

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