She’s fiery. She’s funny. She’s absolutely fantastic. She is Miss Molly Joy and she is your Instructor of the Month in Costa Mesa! She has been rocking the podium for about a year now and we are loving the instructor she has grown to be. We wanted to give you the inside scoop on what makes her world go round:

Give us the nitty-gritty on you:
 ENFP. I’m sassy and free-spirited but I like to get sh*t done.

What brought you to the GritCycle podium?
I discovered Grit when I needed to take a break from my other main workout because of an injury. I had never spun before and I was just trying gyms around town… I became instantly obsessed! The classes spoke to my love for music and high-intensity workout, I love the Grit community and brand – one of my favorite things about Grit to this day is the Karma rides. Within two months of my first class, I had a job at the front desk. Within four months I had my first podium ride with Dani at 5:45 am.

What was your first experience in the saddle room?
I honestly knew from the first time I took a class that I wanted to be an instructor.

Do you have any pre-class rituals?
I scan through my playlist super loud in my car on my way in so it is super fresh in my head and drink a Purps Fuel before almost every class. If it’s a super early AM class I have coffee instead, I’m afraid I’ll be too intense for how early it is ;]

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
 People always tell me they can’t believe I’m from Connecticut.

What motivates you/inspires you?
Watching people who help other people (large and small scale, in fitness, in fashion, at the gas station, literally wherever). I want to do a better job of this, there are so many areas of my life where I see potential to be doing this more and I need to lean into it and get to a place where it is effortless to do this. Instead of focusing on what you want or need in your own life, trying to harness your energy into how you can use what you have or what you have been through to make someone else’s life, day, or even just moment better- that’s the real stuff.

Do you do any other forms of workouts?
Boxing and Yoga…. I love to hit sh*t! When I leave the gym after hitting the bag or mitts I feel so much more relaxed than when I went in. Every time, it clears my mind. Yoga, on the other hand, is SO HARD for me and I don’t feel comfortable with it at all (I just want to do headstands…) No, but really, I believe that it’s so good for your body and mind so I keep trying. I am known to fall asleep during Savasana.

What would be your last meal?
Subject to change based on my mood but most likely a SUPER GREASY cheese quesadilla covered in crema and avocado, an enormous salted margarita, and some chocolate covered churros finish it off……. I didn’t grow up with Mexican food, now I’m obsessed.

Who is your celebrity crush?
 I don’t really have one!! So weird I know… I did name my dog after Tig Trager…

Although this guy is maybe more my type:  **HEART EYES**

      Any vices?
Did I mention the energy drink thing?? **MORE HEART EYES**

What do you do when you’re not getting gritty?
Most likely working (my other gig is a fashion designer). I am sorta a workaholic. Also, like to cuddle with the puppy in my hammock and a glass of Rose’ :]

We just love you and your sweet heart Molly! Thank you for stopping by The Outpost!

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