Happy Halloween + Guess the Gritty!

Happy Halloween Gritties!

It’s our favorite holiday and we’re celebrating it with a contest!

Below you’ll find twelve staff members in their younger years, dressed up in their Halloween best.

{we’ve given you a tiny hint up above with their adult mugs: Katie Frome, Danielle Habedanck, Marisa Wayne, Leigh Beach, Kaitlin Honeycutt, Carley Kuhen, Katie Osumi, Cassie Piasecki, Nicci Morris, Zoe Bertoia, Abby Parsons, Steph Castro-Woods, and Maddy Post.

Guess the Gritty for a pack of {3} free classes!

The first three, CORRECT comments will get {3} classes in their account.

Not as easy as you thought it would be, huh?

Make a guess, you never know…..

Like we said, first {3} CORRECT answers will get {3} free classes…..winners will be announced in the next blog post on Tuesday, November 7th.

Happy Halloween Gritties! Remember we’re having another contest, a costume contest at both studios today. Dress up and the best three costumes will win a {5} series class package! We think that’s a TREAT!!


Grit Cycle

The Halloween Contest is closed!

Congrats to our winners Andrea Riche and Maura Quist!–while no one guessed every gritty perfectly correct; these two clients were the closest. Here are the answers:

1. Kaitlin Honeycutt 2. Danielle Habendanck. 3. Carley Kuhen.

4. Steph Castro-Woods 5. Cassie Piasecki 6. Zoe Bertoia

7. Maddy Post  8. Leigh Beach 9. Nicci Morris

10. Katie Osumi 11. Katie Frome 12. Marisa Wayne


5 Comments Add yours

  1. MauraQ says:

    2 – Danielle H, 3 – Marisa, 6 – Zoe, 9 – Maddy, 11 – Katie F
    I think! Hopefully 3 out of 5 are correct. Happy Halloween!

  2. Andrea Riche says:

    Not sure how close I am but here is my guess:

    1. Maddy Post
    2. Danielle Habedanck
    3. Carley Kuhen
    4. Kaitlin Honeycutt
    5. Steph Castro-Woods
    6. Zoe Bertoia
    7. Abby Parsons
    8. Leigh Beach
    9. Nicci Morris
    10. Katie Osumi
    11. Katie Frome
    12. Marissa Wayne

    1. gritcycleoutpost says:

      You’re so close!

  3. Andrea Riche says:

    So awesome, thank YOU!!

  4. MauraQ says:

    Thank you! I’m thrilled 🙂

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