Practically everywhere you look these days, health junkies are accessorized with their favorite glass bottles of kombucha.

Often dubbed the “immortal health elixir“, it’s impossible to not to spy one of these fermented beverages consumed all over the Grit Deck, post Saddle Room sweat-session.

For those still in the dark to the kombucha-craze, here’s a little information on what all the fermented fuss is about:

Consisting mostly of black tea and sugar {from various sources such as honey, fruit or sugar cane,} kombucha is a naturally fermented beverage with a living colony of bacteria and yeast; thus it is a drinkable probiotic.

There are various health benefits attributed to consuming kombucha such as fighting candida, improved digestion, mental clarity, mood elevation, brighter skin, weight-loss {curbs appetite,} defense against inflammation, anti-bacterial properties, healthy liver maintenance, and diabetes management.

The kombucha addiction is alive and well amongst the Grit Cycle staff. We asked our staff members what’s their favorite way to down the “booch” and this is what they had to say:

“Mango, peach coconut! Fav bucha from Citizens.-Nicci

My Kombucha journey started when I  was 10 years old….my aunt would make it. I remember my mom storing it under our stairs….and it definitely did not have magical flavors like the ones in the stores now.  It has always helped with my digestion and I love the bubbles! I drink one Kombucha per day and this is my current favorite. It tastes like a grape jolly rancher. –Dani

Steph says “Life is so cosmic with my cranberry...”

She likes to drink the cranberry “too because i like to think it helps with my kidneys…I might all be in my head but my fam suffers from kidney stones etc.

I typically try to stay away from Kombucha; something in it makes me feel drunk, and I’m a stupid drunk, but this Cranberry Spiced Apple Kombucha from Trader Joe’s is worth acting like a clown in public. It’s like drinking Christmas out of a bottle.Katie

So what about you Gritties? Are you believers in the Booch?

What’s your favorite Kombucha? Share please!

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