We at Grit Cycle are bursting with excitement for our October partnership with the fabulous, gold-medal Olympian, Jaime Komer.

A Southern California local, Jaime is one of the leaders in the wellness industry. We are proud to partner up with her to bring our Gritties the best in health and wellness.

In a happy nutshell, Jaime is an Olympic Medalist, two-time World Champion, Healthy Living Guide, Raw Foods Creator, new Mom, world traveler, jewelry designer and Movement Instructor.

Whether she’s educating on her raw healthy treats “HAPPY dough” or guiding a client through self-care practices, her work is inspired by her core value of INTENTIONAL LIVING. Recognizing how our choices impact our body, mind, community and planet {and acting with compassion towards each.} Jaime believes we each have the ability to be empowered with our health, lead by example to inspire others and live authentically each day.

Her passion for whole body health has led Jaime on a path to create her own proprietary role as a Healthy Living Guide, sharing practical and natural solutions for a healthy holistic lifestyle. In other words, to feel awesome inside and out! She has led international retreats and volunteerism trips, teaches self-care workshops and now offers one-on-one Programs, helping clients make simple and sustainable changes to empower their health, wellbeing and personal direction.

Jaime has worked with some of the top athletes in the world, including USA Women’s Olympic Volleyball Team, Matt Harvey {World Series Pitcher for New York Mets),} Courtney Conlogue {Professional Surfer,} UCLA Athletics, and Olympic and Paralympic Athletes. Her passion for intentional living ignites in her professional speaking and freelance writing.

Jaime’s education includes her 200-hour Yoga Alliance, BASI Pilates, Plant-based Sports Nutrition & Elite Sports Nutrition with Matthew Kenney Culinary, Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball Practitioner, Eco-Design Permaculture and Restorative Exercise Specialist {current.} Jaime holds a B.A. in Psychology from UCLA.
Jaime was kind enough to stop by The Outpost to answer a few questions about her leading-edge program:

What made you want to work with Grit Cycle?

I have a great respect for Marisa and Matt, both as inspiring individuals and the strong sense of community they have created around Grit Cycle. I have built my business around being a trusted voice within the health and wellness community. It’s such a joy, and honestly so much fun, to collaborate with like-minded individuals that share a common goal to guide others in being the best version of themselves. 
My programs are centered around being empowered with your health, leading by example and living authentically. These values compliment that of Grit Cycle. They’re so synergistic! 

What are your goals with a Grit Cycle alliance?

My one-on-one programs are unlike anything out there and I believe we all deserve to feel empowered with healthy choices. My goal in teaming up with Grit Cycle is to share this knowledge and the positive changes that come from taking control of your whole body health. I want these opportunities to be available for this uplifting, heath-minded community. I could say I want to reach as many people as possible – but that’s not how I roll. To me, what’s most important, is that I’m able to guide someone else in becoming their own guide. That each client finds a reinvigorated sense of self, wellbeing, direction and purpose. Both in their physical health and emotional identity. 
I think this is a perfect fit because of how progressive the Grit Cycle community is – they love being at the forefront of heath & wellness practices! 

Why is the “Grit Cycle” client the perfect candidate for your program?

My program is perfect for the Grit Cycle client because they know caring for your health means caring for your whole body, mind and lifestyle. It’s all connected. The Grit Cycle community is health-conscious, smart, curious and loves having fun. I love this! These are key qualities I admire in clients, especially curiosity! Curiosity ignites our motivation to make healthy and positive changes in our lifestyle. We know we want to have daily focus and energy, be pain-free and keep doing the things that light us up from the inside. Yet how do we go about that? 
I know it’s easy to get stuck in a routine, whether it’s with how we care for our body or our day-to-day schedule. Routine isn’t the best thing for our body, mind or wellbeing. This is exactly why I guide clients in making simple and natural changes to feel their best daily. I know you’re busy yet you value your health, which is why I show you how to swap one thing out for another to achieve these goals, instead of adding things to practice on your to-do list. For example, I can show you why and how to change up the way you sit at your desk, in your car or at lunch to improve your core health, posture and decrease pain. I can help you switch out personal care and home products that contain harmful and carcinogenic ingredients with toxin-free alternatives. 
 The best part of all, these changes regenerate your body and quality of life! How cool is that!?

 Anything else you think is relevant, interesting or important for our readers to know?
Being a new mom, I’m extra passionate about working with new & expecting moms. I teach self-care practices that can make a big impact on your body and mind, both as a preparation for childbirth and as a new mom. 
I have an FAQ’s section on my Programs page, you might find helpful, as well. 

The One-on-One Program with Healthy Living Expert, Jamie Komer
  • 2 x 50 minute Video Chat
  • Includes text and email support between sessions
  • Specialized Lifestyle Resources
  • Lifestyle Questionnaire + 20 minute consultation call
 From now until the end of the year {December 31st, 2017} Jaime is generously offering a 20% discount to all of our Grit riders on any of her programs; simply mention that you are a Grit Rider when you order the program and Jaime will give you this amazing value. 

In Costa Mesa on Sunday October 16th at 12pm, Jaime is hosting an event called Whole Body Healthy Athlete. 

This event is targeted at student athletes and includes:

• 1-hour discussion on Jaime’s best practices for thriving as a student-athlete.
• We will focus on healthy recovery habits to improve your play, health, and life balance.
• Opportunity for Q&A with Jaime.
• A handout with Jaime’s recovery tips, refueling recipes and mindset tools.

Thank you Jaime for stopping by and sharing your passion and knowledge with us. We are excited for our Gritties to get to know you too.

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