Believe it or not, but our favorite neighborhood grocery just turned 50 years old?!

From its first shop in Pasadena, where hometown butchers sliced cheese and meats, and freshly squeezed orange juice was served from local orange groves, Trader Joe’s has dedicated itself to bringing the community quality food at reasonable prices.

Trader Joe’s is known as one of the most ethical companies in its industry; they are front-runners in offering humanely-raised food, they are environmentally friendly, and their reputation for treating their employees well is paramount.

Trader Joe’s is PARAMOUNT among our staff too. We asked them to spill their favorite TJ items:

Our assistant studio manager, Abby, is our official Trader Joes concierge. This girl knows the run-down of her favorites, aisle by aisle:

“Oh boy…..what DON’T I love from Trader Joes?

Probably my go-to shop for groceries!!!
If I told you all my favorites we’d be here all day, so I’ll cut down my list to favorite categories…
1. Fresh Flowers – they always have great arrangements for cheap! Today I got 2 bunches of eucalyptus.
2. Wine/beer/liquor – they have a wide alcohol selection and they’re all decently priced. Today I got 2 bottles of Cotes-du-Rhone.
3. Frozen food – albeit not the healthiest options, but asdfghjkl so delicious, I love their pesto pizza and veggie samosas!
4. Snacks – cornbread chips, toasted cheese bites, cashews, pita chips, dark chocolate pretzel thins…it’s all good you really can’t go wrong!
drumrolllllllll: the Unexpected Cheddar cheese….I swear they add crack to it, it’s so good! It’s white cheddar cheese with parmesan in it.”

Danielle, our Grit Cycle designer, is partial to TJ’s Bruschetta Lentil Dip–she says she loves it as the “perfect pre-dinner snack” when for she and her fiancé get home from work.

I would love to say I’m all about the organic apples and grapes, but if I’m going to be honest I fall hard for a Trader Joe’s soft pretzel. I can easily eat 2 in one sitting…..and I don’t share! And I pretty much consume an entire of bottle of mustard with said pretzel.“-Katie O.

“One of my most favorite I-don’t-feel-like-cooking dinners is the Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry mix! It’s in the frozen section and literally just open it, dump it into a pan, and add whatever your favorite sauce is. If that doesn’t work, just make like my kitchen sign and order pizza.”-Katie Simons


 “I’m hesitant to share because up until this point, I’ve let everyone believe that it’s MY recipe BUT I swear by the lasagna recipe on the side of the TJ lasagna noodle box. No I’m serious. I do doctor it up slightly with homemade bolognese sauce {ew to the jarred version.} It’s full of gluten and animal products much like the rest of our family’s diet. But it’s amazing.”-Leigh Beach

I’m not usually a fan of “prepared” foods but this past summer, my daughter got me hooked on TJ’s tofu spring rolls.  They are kind of tricky to eat because they fall apart.  I place them in a bowl, chop them up, and top them with the spicy peanut sauce.  It’s kind of like a salad.  Because they don’t contain a lot of fat, I add 1/2 of a chopped avocado.  YUMMMERS!!!  
My other hot tip is that TJ’s carries my fave gomacro bars at a cheaper price!  A penny saved is a penny earned.Cassie

“Ok well it’s not exactly a food, but it goes on food! Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning is SO RIDICULOUSLY BOMB. 

You can literally put it on everythingggg. It even makes already delicious foods taste even more delicious.  

For example…I put Everything But the Bagel seasoning on

…avocado {Yes, plain avocado and then you can just eat it with a spoon💁🏻 #noshame #avocadooneverything}

…on scrambled eggs

…on sweet potatoes 

…on roasted veggies

…on salmon or chicken 

…on quinoa 

…on a salad 

The options are honestly endless. Seriously try it, dare you. “Maddy

Our Lisa is partial to Trader Joe’s famous Mochi Ice Cream and their Chile Lime Seasoning makes an appearance in many of her famous recipes.

Gritties! What are your all-time favorite Trader Joe’s buys? Let us know.

Happy Birthday Trader Joe’s! Here’s to another 50!


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