As we head into autumn, it’s safe to say we’re FALLing for our Monarch Beach September Instructor of the Month – Alex!

In addition to lighting the Costa Mesa Saddle Room UP on Friday nights, she’s been burnin’ it down in Monarch Beach on Saturday mornings too! We asked her to walk us through what her normal routine is on teaching-days, and she was kind enough to oblige for us here on The Outpost.

Check it out!

5:30 am – Yep, that’s no joke.  Every Saturday of my life! I set (4) alarms, FOUR!  I don’t need all 4, and unless I’m extremely overtired, I am usually up after the first but it’s my ‘just in case’ method. My husband just LOVES it if I wait for 2 alarms to go off – ask him!!

5:35 am – my cat, who’s frankly more like a lion, demands his food.  During the week, I’m up at 4 am because I hit the gym before my corporate job, so he feels he’s basically starving on Saturday mornings by 5:30 am.  Then I make the coffee, because I really can’t function without it, and hop in the shower.

6:00 am – I’m ready for class! I grab a giant cup of coffee and listen to my playlist once through. I do this before every class; when I first started teaching it was more to practice my cueing, but now it’s a time to ground myself in the music before we go jam in the Saddle Room!

6:45 am – I take the puppy out, feed him, and pack my gym bag {and maybe another tiny cup of coffee}.


7:05 am – OUT THE DOOR! I hit PCH and head down to Monarch! Even with the marine layer, this is one of my favorite drives.  It truly makes me so grateful for this life; we are lucky to live in such a gorgeous area!

7:35 am – Arrive at Grit MB! I love getting to the studio on the early side.  It gives me a few minutes to set up the room, and honestly, listen to some of my favorite music to get myself pumped up.  It never gets old to see that room in all its glory – music blasting, blue lights on, and 53 perfectly placed bikes.  This life is rad.  And I love every second of it!

8:00 am – Doors Open.  SHOW TIME!9:15 am – After I socialize with clients for a bit (or shop – let’s get serious, GRIT MB has a serious retail area), my hubby and I run to Starbucks then hit the road back to Newport.

10:15 am – Showered and back out the door! On Saturdays, I go ride my horse in Riverside with my mom!  She has a horse too, and it’s something we’ve always done together since I was 5 years old.   {YOU may be getting to know more about my horses later so I won’t elaborate!}

2:00 pm – Home again; showered off the dirt, washed my hair {for someone who works out a ton, you can imagine how happy clean hair makes me}, and get ready for the rest of my day.

3:00 pm – I usually go do my grocery shopping on Saturday afternoons and get everything ready for our week {meal prep, laundry, cleaning, etc.}.  It sounds like a miserable activity for a Saturday, but it makes for a much more peaceful Sunday.  And besides, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that adulting isn’t always fun!

5:00 pm – This part of my Saturday is the wild card! Family is really important to both my hubby and me, and if we don’t have something to do with our friends {or a much-needed date night} we typically go have dinner with our family.

By now you’re thinking my Saturday is probably moderate chaos all the time – yes, but I love it.  I chose to busy, and I’m really grateful I am able to pack my weekends full of things I love so much.  Also, the reason we pack our Saturday so full is that Sunday is our day of rest.  Sunday is our only day of the week to spend the whole day together; we usually sleep in and then make breakfast, but it’s kind of a wild card after that.  It’s the benefit of being DINKS (dual income no kids).  I have no shame in saying that; we spent almost 4 years enduring law school and the BAR exam that followed (well Brad went to school but I did my fair share of essay reading and BAR quizzing)! Right now, we just want to enjoy being adults with only ourselves (and our 4-legged children) to care for!

Sometimes we’ll go for a run, sometimes we’ll go to Disneyland, or sometimes we’ll do absolutely nothing – and that’s OK too!

Welcome to my world; I love getting to share a bit of my life with you guys!

Thank you for sharing a snapshot of your life with us, Alex!
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