When she’s not push-tapping to Runaway June or figure 8’ing to Bruno Mars our Monarch Beach instructor of the month for August, Marisa Wayne, leads a busy, 24-7 life, full of family, work, and philanthropy.

No stranger to the Outpost, Marisa has let us interview her and even offered up her one of her family’s most prized recipes; with this visit, Marisa is giving us a glimpse into a normal “day in her life.”

We’re following her from the time she wakes up, until she calls it a night; let’s see what she has to say…

I usually wake up between 6:30-7am and make some coffee, check emails, then try to get my son up. My daughter has been awake long before me and is showered and prepared for her day without any help from her dad or myself.

If I’m teaching that morning, I like to organize my playlist so it’s fresh, and listen to new music while getting ready and helping with breakfast and lunch prep for the kids. They’ll laugh and help me with my cues as we say, “1-2-1-2 or right-left-right-left, 4-3-2-1!” They are actually getting pretty good at their cueing…..future GritCycle instructors in the making!
After I send them off to school or guards, I head to the studio. Even if I’m tired or not feeling 100% ready, the walk up that ramp does something to me that no cup of coffee can. I feel instantly energized and excited. I would imagine it’s better than Prozac. I love to see the sweaty people leaving, and talking to all the riders who are about to get their sweat on with me. The Gritty Babes are always cheerful and I really do feel like it’s my family away from home. Lately, Matt’s son Kingston has been there too & we’ll high five or just today he gave me my first hug. I couldn’t imagine going to work anywhere else.
By the time class is over, I have lots of emails, texts & calls to return. Sometime during the day, I’ll find time to shower and maybe pop into the office to say “hi” to the executive team.

On certain days, I’ll have responsibilities as a spokeswoman for the John Wayne Cancer Foundation or general Wayne family appearances, interviews or events. Tomorrow, for example, we are getting together to video document family memories with my brothers and sisters. I sometimes feel that as the years pass, I am forgetting the details in life with my dad. He died when I was 13 and I cherish the time we had together. It’s pretty cool how someone will bring up a trip or a time on the set and I’ll suddenly remember something, so I think tomorrow may be a lot of fun and also pretty emotional.


I do love to cook so I try to make a homemade dinner most nights of the week. Rosie, you may remember her as a Gritty Babe, has become my personal assistant and helps me during the day with the kids and grocery shopping. She even has mastered a couple of my favorite recipes.

My mom, though, is an excellent chef and has written 2 cookbooks. Because of her passion for good food, I too, love cooking for my family……So, I’ll come home and have dinner with my family and talk about the day.

We’ll usually wind down with some wine and a hot tub before hitting the hay.

 I tell my kids to say “thank you to God” before going to sleep and, “Fait de beaux reves,” which means “sweet dreams” in French.

 It’s a pretty good life and I truly feel so blessed and lucky.

We feel pretty blessed and lucky to work with you Marisa. If you’d like to take class with our Marisa at a discounted rate during the month of August, book yourself into the following rides with her: Monday August 21st at 9:30am, and Sunday August 27th at 10:45am. Please remember to purchase your instructor of the month class before you book your bike.

See you in the Saddle Room Gritties.


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