Don’t let those girl-next-door good looks and mid-western charm fool you, once those lights go down, our Nicci Morris is pure fire up on that podium. Truly one of the dearest humans on the planet, Nicci was a favorite client of Grit’s since day one of the Saddle Room doors opening; we are even more overjoyed to call her a member of the Grit family. She is our instructor of the month for August and it is our pleasure to spotlight this sweetheart.

Give us a the nitty-gritty on you: 

I moved here from Ohio about 18 years ago.  I met my surfer boy husband John, and we now have two, awesome, little girls Harper and Finley, and a Corgi named Roxy.  In addition to teaching at Grit, I am a stay at home mom who loves to workout, and spend time with my little ladies!  Our house is full of light, love and fun.  Our doors are always open and welcoming of our friends and family.  The more the merrier and we could not do life without each and every one of them, new and old!

What brought you to the Grit podium?

Community, no judgement, love, good vibes, support, and a safe place to come and sweat out whatever you may need to!  These are all of the things I love about Grit!  The biggest reason I wanted to teach at Grit is so I could give back to this incredible community what I have gained.  I have learned so much and been through so much.  I am here for all of you!  Now let’s sweat!

What was your first experience in the saddle room?

Holy Grail and Royals!  Matt and Dani’s classes!  The blue lights!  The most awesome community!  I was there the very first day Grit opened their saddle room doors.  It has been my second home ever since. 

Do you have any pre-class rituals?

Pre-class I listen to my entire playlist.  In the Saddle Room while getting ready I check my mic and music volume.  Once that’s set, I jam out for a few minutes before we open the doors : )

Inside my microphone bag, you will find 2 mics, LOTS of puffies, 2 uplifting cards I’ve received from a few sweet clients, and Skittles!  My bag reads on the outside “With Open Hands and Open Heart.”  My arms and heart are always open, and I am always prepared to connect to the incredible people who take my classes.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

After I had my last baby I suffered with PPD {Post Partum Depression;} it was the scariest time of  my life.  I could not have survived it without my friends, my family, my doctors by my side. The one place I went to every single morning was Grit.  I would sit in the back of the room and ball my eyes out.  I kept coming and pushing through it.  There are people {friends} at Grit who have no idea how much they helped me in my darkest moments.  Nobody knew what I was going through, but I could feel the love and support of the instructors and riders.  Slowly I worked my way back to my happy place {the pit}!  It took awhile, but I’m happy!  Most importantly happy and healthy in my mind!  You never know what someone is going through, treat everyone with kindness.  Make sure people leave your presence happier than they came.  One smile or hello can mean so much and change someones day.

What motivates you/inspires you?

Kindness!  Honesty!  Integrity!  Being present in life in the very moment!  My clients and peers motivate and inspire me all the time!  I am a work in progress, I’m constantly striving to be better for myself and for my clients.  I’m self driven when it comes to pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, this helps me to push my riders and help them to see what they can do!  Seeing everyone in my classes working and feeding off of each other’s energy is so motivating!  All I care about is making sure they leave my class feeling strong; like they just did something they didn’t know they could.  All of this inspires me, and I am motivated to bring it to every class!

Do you do any other forms of workouts?

Yes!  If I can’t make it to spin, our garage has slowly become an at home gym!  It’s super fancy ; ) Just kidding!  It has everything we need to get our workouts done at home!  No babysitter, no problem!  My motto is: “SWEAT EVERYDAY”!  It keeps me happy and heathy!  Happy wife and happy mommy is so important!  I also love to run!  I ran my first half marathon a year ago and have run 5 more since! 



If you would like to sweat with our Nicci for a discounted rate {$10 a class} during the month of August, catch her on the following Wednesdays: August 9th, August 16th, August 23rd, and August 30th at 12pm for her fabulous Gritty Quickies! Be sure to buy the instructor of the month class first, before you book your class.

See you in the Saddle Room loves!

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