Summer is the season for travel. And while we miss seeing our Gritties on a regular base, it makes us happy knowing you’re all taking time to relax + indulge, spend time with family and friends, and explore new adventures.

With that being said we still want you staying healthy and safe, and seamlessly returning to the Saddle Room once your vacation is over.

The Grit Staff has amassed their favorite travel tips that help them transit and globe-trot like a boss; making the return into real life effortless.

Gritty Babe Karissa, here last week on her European vacation where she visited Spain + France, swears by Evian Mineral Water Mist for keeping her skin dewy and moisturized. She also says, “I always keep my toothbrush/face wipes close so I can feel fresh when we land.

Our self-designated type A queen, Dani, was a wealth of great packing tips:

I am kind of a freak when it comes to traveling. I HATE packing. I almost always over-pack so to prevent that I make lists. Lots of lists/spreadsheets. I create an itinerary for myself with what we are doing each day and what clothing I will need. I try to stick to that list and bring nothing extra….realistically if I need extra clothes it’s a good excuse to pick up something new 🙂 

I make sure to bring copies of my drivers license and passport and keep them separate from the real thing. I typically keep a file folder with copies of all my necessary travel documents.

I also make sure in addition to my normal toiletries to bring band aids, Advil, benadryl, antibacterial wipes {because planes are germ ridden…yuck!!!}, and activated charcoal pills!
A few good books are necessary and so are my headphones {so I can zone out and make some killer playlists}, and my tablet so I can login and check on my pups at The Bone Adventure
I basically plan as much as I can prior to departure so once I get on the plane my worries can drop to the floor.

Instructor Leigh, and Costa Mesa July instructor of the Month, already traveled to Maui this month, and has a few other trips planned summer; she gives her best travel tips to keep arrival fresh and sane on the flight:

Colgate wisps– because you can brush your teeth without water. Headphones. Make sure they have the right connector. My last flight I brought the pair with the lightning connector. Face palm. Long flight. And an US Weekly…so I can tell Katie I’m reading something when she asks…”


Gritty Babe Abby is a pro-traveler. She traverses the country multiple times a year to see her family on the East Coast, and she just returned from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Bali. The ultimate list-maker, Abby created a checklist for us on her top travel tips:

Make lists of specific outfits you will wear including some of the same pieces, check if laundry is a possibility at your destination as well!
Eagle Creek Compression packing cubesI’ve been able to pack for 2 weeks in a small suitcase using these! AMAZING!
Invest in comfort for long haul flights, I got this awesome neck pillow with chin support and a hoodie for my 15 hour flight and it was a life saver!
Buy a big bottle of water in the terminal, this way you will have water whenever you want it and you don’t have to call the flight attendant every time.

Booze is usually free on international flights – take advantage of this.
If you don’t wear it at home, chances are you wont wear it on vacation…don’t pack it.
-If traveling with one other person, book one window and one aisle seat of the same row, best case scenario you have a seat free between you and room to spare, if someone ends up booking the middle seat, they are usually always willing to move to an aisle or window.
Use SEAT GURU to check to see exactly what your seat and flight offer, some have power outlets, some seats don’t recline, some airlines offer free internet or tv and movies, this website will tell you everything!

Although we’re missing her, we’re glad our Gritty Babe, Marisa, is enjoying time off on the Hawaiian islands with her family. Ever the team player, she still emailed in her top travel tips for us:

So your post couldn’t have come at a better time. I am here in North Shore Kauai for our annual getaway. My essentials include: a re-usable water bottle, hat, sunglasses, a good murder mystery and of course a little reminder of my “kids.” No they aren’t made out of their fur : ) I am so glad these furry key chains are so trendy, makes me look like less of a freak. But I guess that is to be debatable.  


For products I make sure to bring poo-pourri, face wipes, hydrating eye patches, Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo!! {A bit pricey but it is the most effective dry shampoo I have ever used.)}I also bring face sunscreen and sunburn/insect bite relief spray

I also like to bring Benadryl, Emergen-C and my Plexus SLIM products as well as my additional probiotics.

Also couldn’t go without my Birkenstock “Madrid” slides, lululemon breathable and anti-stink shirts, sports bras, pants and shorts and of course STANCE socks {we sell them in the Grit Shop} and Nikes. I unfortunately get eaten alive by mosquitos so a few maxi dresses are a go to when packing to save my skin from more exposure. 

Oh and don’t forget to choose your travel buddy wisely – can never go wrong with my bestie. A.K.A mom



Instructor Chelsea is also a fan of a good checklist; she also recommends planning for souvenirs: “I like packing a small duffle bag inside my suitcase, so in case I find any fun exciting goodies while on my trip I have space to bring it home in my duffle.

Gritty Babe Carley’s tip is also a wonderful keepsake:

In eighth grade right before I left for my school’s France trip my mom gave me a black journal. She told me to write in it every day and that would be my gift to her. It’s become a habit and now every big trip I go on I journal every day {In the same notebook!} I keep my train tickets, museum brochures, hotel pamphlets, etc. It’s such a treasure to look back on! It’s also a good way to meditate and reflect on the day you had and just some time for yourself. It’s also always helpful to look back on your trips and see what went wrong, what you should fix for the next trip, silly stuff like that!”

Managing Director and Instructor Cassie keeps in shape, “regular”, and sight-sees with her travel tip: “My top travel tip is to bring your running shoes with you! Whenever I get up and go for a run in a new city I find all the cool little stores and cafes that I would normally pass if I were in a car. It is a great way to see the little nuances of wherever you are traveling. Plus, going for a power walk or a run is a great way to quote unquote stay regular.”

Our number one wanderluster and instructor extraordinaire, Maddy Post, could be the in-house Grit Cycle travel concierge, she travels so extensively. We love to hear about her latest adventure and knew we could pick her brain on the best travel tips:

I could probably write you an entire article on travel. It’s fully one of my fav things to talk about/think about/ spend my life dreaming about!”

” HOPPER IS THE BEST APP EVER. Get this app right this second! It’s super rad! You type in where you want to go and it’ll tell you 2 important things. First, you can scope each month and see the cheapest days/weeks to fly. Second, it’ll even tell you the cheapest time to buy!! So you can “watch” various trip dates and it’ll send you notifications to “buy now” or “wait until august…prices are predicated to drop by x amount”. And let me tell you, that little app hasn’t let me down once!”

“If you’re taking a big trip and have lots of things booked (i.e.planes, trains, ferries, car rentals, AirBnBs, etc) – You don’t have to take the time to type up your own itinerary. Use the TRIP IT app. It takes all your confirmation emails and turns it into an itinerary for you on your phone. It organizes all your confirmation numbers, you can check in for flights using the app, and you can even look up what food/airport lounges are near your gate if you have a long layover. It’s superrrr handy!”

 “If you’re flying long distances the best neck pillow ever is the: Cabeau Evolution Pillow. Total game changer. They sell it at REI and Amazon.

Solar powered chargers are the BEST for adventures!!! (hiking, camping, wandering, etc) I have this one from a company called “Chargecords“.

 Random, but for long flights I always make sure I pack my electrolyte powder, some vitamin C, chapstick, and warm socks for on the plane. I’d say those are the essentials.”

“Sometimes plan and sometimes wing it…but mostly wing it 🙂
…Except when it comes to booking your accommodation. That’s really the only thing I’d recommend making sure you have figured out ahead of time.”
We can’t wait to hear all about Maddy’s upcoming three-week, European summer excursion starting this week; stay tuned, we plan to revisit with her here on The Outpost to get details of what we’re sure will be a fantastic trip.

So now you tell us Gritties. What are your favorite tips for traveling?

What keeps you on track, out-of-town and abroad, so you can slide back into your Saddle Room routine with ease?

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