Happy Friday Gritties!

Although we cap the degrees in the Saddle Room, the temperatures are rising outside, and therefore it is VITAL you maintain proper hydration levels.

A fundamental nutrient AND, in actuality, 70% of our body’s composition, water makes us function.

The dangers of dehydration are not fun:

Dry mouth-Headache-Nausea-Vomiting-Irritability-Tiredness-Decreased urination-Constipation-Dizziness-Fever-Delirium

The warmer months {i.e. summer} induce a greater risk of dehydration due to water loss, through perspiration. For those of you who take class, the addition of exercise, while imperative, just requires extra replenishing of fluids expended.

Water loss, even as little as 1-2% can adversely impact your internal cooling system: your heart has to work harder to pump blood, circulation can dwindle, and muscle fatigues faster.  Anymore than a 3-4% loss in water and you’re more likely to cramp, experience heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

Here are few tips on staying hydrated as well as our staff’s favorite ways of getting their ideal water intake during the summer months:

~Make sure you’re drinking water before you are thirsty. A sign of thirst is usually a symptom that you are already dehydrated. That’s why it’s best to keep water with you all day long, and sip throughout the day.

~Keep in mind electrolyte beverages. Electrolytes are minerals {potassium, sodium, magnesium, chloride, calcium} in the blood that regulate the body; they aid everything from heartbeat to muscle contraction. Electrolytes deplete with water loss. Sports drinks often have added electrolytes, but be mindful of their ingredients….some of these drinks also have a ton of sugar. Here’s Gritty Babe Ashlee drinking mineral and electrolyte-rich Waiākea water, which we sell at the front desk.

Coconut Water is a great way to replenish electrolytes; nicknamed “nature’s gatorade”, coconut water contains more potassium than one banana. Our Gritty Babes Amanda and Carly attest to coconut water’s powers; Amanda reveals, “I recently discovered coconut water and it’s amazing.”  Carly swears by “Parrot Coconut water WITH pulp.”

~Eat water rich produce. Water-awash snacks, including melon, cucumbers, bell peppers, berries and grapes hydrate and add electrolytes to the body.

Gritty Babe Kat says a “watermelon feta arugula salad” is her “FAV!” and instructor Rebecca adds, “I actually eat more cucumbers than any human ever should.

Instructor and our new Managing Director, Cassie, says, “I’m all about eating my water. Baby cukes, for the win! I also love half of a baby watermelon with lime squeezed all over it.”

Kat also is a fan of IV Hydration Therapy at Boost.

Another staff favorite are La Croix sparkling waters! Instructor Danielle H. calls them her “vice“, and Kat likes to drink the “cran-raspberry flavor with a squeeze of lime with a colorful straw….it feels like a cocktail.”

Instructor and Monarch Beach Studio Manager, Jess says Ultima Replenisher, an electrolyte supplement, is her “fav“.

Instructor Shannon is also a fan of electrolyte powders. She uses Pure Essense’s Ionic-Fizzwhenever {she} needs something more than water.”

Our Dani loves fruit infused Hint Waters. She’s so addicted to these zero sugar hydrators she gets them “on auto delivery.

Instructor Chelsea keeps bikini-ready and hydrated with Bai Waters.

So how do you stay hydrated Gritties? Do you like a supplemental beverage or do you prefer good old-fashioned, tried + true drinking water?

Whatever you opt for, please remember to replenish what you lose in the Saddle Room; before and after your workouts.



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