Nestled in the heart of Laguna Village lies an aerie of green beauty. A skincare junkies opium den, Roots Beauty caters to every pore, blemish, wrinkle and dehydrated patch of misbehaving skin. Hair health is just as attended to; Roots has its own organic salon where all-natural dyes, shampoos, and hair products are used in your cut + color treatment; and Roots‘ makeup counter is a who’s who in top-name, toxic-free leading brands.

We believe taking care of your body, coming to Grit Cycle and challenging it the way you do, day after day, should be matched with what you put ON your body as well. That is why we, at Grit Cycle, are proud to announce a Roots Ride at Grit Cycle Monarch Beach on Saturday July 15th at 10:45am with our own Kelli.

Roots is proud to be Orange County’s first non-toxic cosmetic shop and organic salon. From the moment you walk in, you are instantly transported into a more blissful, calm state—maybe it’s the essential oils, the welcoming, informative staff with crystal clear skin, or the incandescent glow of chemical-free skincare that invites a feeling of well-being and peace.

All of your beauty, skincare, haircare, and even some health issues are met in this mighty shop.

Of special interest to Gritties Roots has a glut of offerings of natural deodorants to keep you stink and toxin- free in the Saddle Room.

We especially dig the merchandise that are neither beauty or skincare related.

Roots is brimming full of mind/body products geared to shifting mood physiologies; such as these flower elixirs, each one “acting as a natural tuning fork — bringing your body back in tune with {the} subtle electrical vibration” of your choice

Roots Owner, Laura Linsenmayer, a Laguna native and Organic Beauty industry veteran, was kind enough to give us some great natural beauty tips for our time before and after the Saddle Room:

TONER before & TONER after! 
Spritzing your face, chest & back with toner is the best way to keep the skin free & clear from clogging & breaking out as a result of sweating.
ROOTS Current Covet: Organic Kombucha Toner

Your base should be just as much Skincare as it is Makeup!
Thoughtfully choosing a Tinted SPF Moisturizer that provides light coverage as well as antioxidants is key to keeping the skin healthy.
ROOTS Current Covet: Suntegrity 5in1 

Maximize your Body Heat w/ a Deep Conditioning Treatment!
Starting at the nape of the neck, pinch a Deep Conditioning Hair Oil through to the ends. Comb, evenly distributing the oil with a Boar Bristle Hair Brush. A Low Bun or Braid will keep the hair & oil contained while you sweat. Your body heat will assist the hair cuticle to open up allowing deep penetration of the product. Shampoo, Condition & Style after class per usual.
ROOTS Current Covet: YAROK Feed Your Sunshine

We are so excited to partner with Roots Beauty on Saturday July 15th at our Monarch Beach Studio. Representatives from Roots will be on hand all morning long, doing pre + post workout makeup and skincare touch ups for our Gritties.

At 10:45am, Kelli will be leading a special Roots/Grit Cycle ride where there will be goodies galore for the riders.

Book your bike and get ready to fall in love with Roots.


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