Happy Fourth of July Gritties!

We hope you are enjoying America’s favorite holiday with those you love most.

We are thrilled to spend our morning with you {we have a special, truncated schedule at both studios today,} and then will be off with our family and friends.

Our staff was kind enough to share their favorite July Fourth memories and traditions with The Outpost:

Our Retail Manager Danielle Dorr has a super fun, family ritual for America’s favorite holiday,”my family hosts an annual mini golf tournament in our backyard.

Instructor Leigh keeps it safe and sane with her immediate family: “For as long as we’ve lived in Newport, we’ve done a beach bike ride on the morning of the 4th. We try to go early enough to avoid “the war zone,” as it’s called. When the kids were younger, they would ride trail-a-bikes so they would be attached to our bikes. Now, they ride on their own. It a “colorful” group of people, to say the least. But I like to give the kids a little culture whenever possible. After the beach, we’ll head home for lunch and pool time with friends at our house. In the evening, we head to a friends house for dinner and fireworks…only the legal ones though. Eric has no business lighting anything that shoots in the air.”

For instructor Cassie, the Fourth, has been a big deal to her even as a little {valley} girl; she shared an old photo saying, “This says it allllllll! In Thousand Oaks, Independence Day was always big!!!!”

For Katie Simons, our Media Relations Director, and her fiancé, Chris, {besides taking the cutest couple award,} they take advantage of this gorgeous location we get to live in:  “For us there really is nothing better than a beach day followed by a BBQ, so shock and awe, that is what is on our agenda for the 4th of July. May crack open a few more cold ones than usual though.”

Maddy Post will be celebrating today regardless of the holiday…it’s her birthday–Happy Birthday Maddy!!

She says: “As for fav memories there’s toooo many to count!! My only request is that I get to watch the fireworks at the end of the day. And besides that as long as I’m in the sunshine with my family and friends, I’m the happiest camper that ever camped 😊❤️💙

Last year I spent my bday in France which was super rad! (And yes, we still got to see fireworks😊) And this year I’m up in Tahoe!

Instructor Chelsea will be enjoying a new member of the family this holiday, “last year we were on the Jersey shore and I was pregnant so no drinking for me. But we did BBQ and we always roast s’mores!”

Gritty Babe Karissa is spending her Fourth as a tourist: Ashlee and I are ditching the Newport madness and hanging out in Paris!

Instructor Lauren stays fit and hangs with Gritty Royalty on the Fourth:  I like to start the 4th of July with something outdoors and then a healthy potluck BBQ with good friends! This photo is from the 4th of July in 2015– hiking with the Ponds before our potluck later in the evening.

Instructor Nicci keeps the holiday young at heart, “we hang with friends and allll the kiddos! BBQ, cocktails, fireworks❤️💙❤️💙 The kids out number the adults now.”

Instructor and Costa Mesa studio manager, Kelli, finally has today off!  I have worked every 4th of July at Mutt’s so this will be my 1st time not working so hopefully it’s a brown out not a blackout so I will have a good story for next year!

Monarch Beach instructor, Shannon Roberts seeks relief from the crowds in an unlikely place:,  I often go to Disneyland, since the fireworks go off & it’s surprisingly not typically busy. Lisa Mikelson keeps it mellow and classic, “we’re boring as hell…. we BBQ and play corn hole LOL.” Instructor Alex also is on the quiet, calm BBQ train.

Gritty Babe Gretchen grand finales the fourth of july memories with her story nostalgia of this special summer day:
So I had something kiiinda special happen on July 4th 😃. My husband proposed to me in Three Arch Bay on the beach inside of the 2nd arch. The 2nd arch has had a special meaning to his family for decades. Let’s just say there were fireworks that day, hah!

We wish you the very best holiday, and please stay safe; we can’t wait to see everyone back in the Saddle Room tomorrow morning.

Happy Fourth of July!


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