When she’s not pushing us beyond our thresholds of physicality, and building us up emotionally {and this is just in the warm-up,} crowd-favorite, Lisa Mikelson is a busy girl. Wife to Zach and mom to fur baby, Kobe, Lisa is on the go from the Saddle Room to the office, back to her home where she makes the most delicious {and healthy} gourmet meals.

We are so thrilled to announce Lisa as the instructor of the month of our Monarch Beach studio for the month of July. Lisa recently stopped by the Outpost to give us a deeper insight into a “day in her life.”


I roll out of bed and head directly to the coffee pot.  The first thing I do every morning is make myself a flat white.  I am not ashamed to admit that I am a complete and utter coffee slut.  I love it.  I sometimes wonder if I could live without it…. Uh….. NOPE! Not possible.  It’s a necessity to my sanity.

5:15 AM – MUSIC
After my caffeine is in hand, I make my way to the office.  From 5:15 to 6:30 I dive deep into music.  I find new songs, make my playlist and usually end up texting some fellow instructors with the earporn I stumbled upon that morning.
6:30 – 7:15 AM – SHOWER #1
I head upstairs, shower, throw on my spandex, my hat, some all natural deodorant so I don’t offend anyone…. then head out the door!
7:15 – 7:40 AM – CLASS PREP
I head to Grit! On my drive I listen to my playlist, dance in the car, warm up my voice,  and practice my cues and the message I want to give to my class.

7:50 – 8:00 AM – CLASS SET UP
I head into the Saddleroom and get myself set up to teach!
8:00 – 9:00 AM – MY HAPPY PLACE
The doors open and the fun begins! One of the highlights of my day is teaching. I’ve never been more passionate about anything in my life.  I know its what I was meant to do.

9:00 – 10:00 AM – SHOWER #2
I either rinse off real quick at Grit, or head home for shower number 2! I put on my second outfit of spandex! YEP! I basically live in workout clothes, LOL.  Then I head to the office.
10:00 – 5:00 PM – BIG GIRL JOB
I work for two amazing people, Bret and Chalene Johnson.  I spend my day writing content and managing our social media accounts.  Usually around 2:30 I have another cup of coffee… Don’t judge! I told you I was a coffee slut.

5:00 – 9:00 PM – HOME & FAMILY TIME
Head home, take out the pup and usually run some errands for the family.  Around 6:30 I start cooking dinner for me, the hubby, and the pup!  Yes, I cook food my dog…. his nutrition is just as important as ours.
The hubby and I hang out in the kitchen and catch up on our day.

I LOOOOOOVE to cook, so I usually find myself in the kitchen for most of the evening; whether it’s making dinner or prepping tomorrow’s meals.  I then do the dishes, clean the kitchen (because I can’t sleep if the kitchen is messy), prep the coffee for tomorrow (Uh.. DUH!), and make myself my nightly tea.
I head upstairs to decompress and drink my tea.  I get ready for bed, lay out my stuff for the next day and set my alarm.. I usually set 4 just to safe, LOL.
I typically get into bed around 9:30.  Before I go to sleep I try to write out my to do list for the next day and check to see if there is anything important on the calendar.  If I’m not sleepy, I’ll either read or watch Friends… Yep… Friends.
That’s it! That’s a typical day! I love my life and the people I get to share it with.  I feel incredibly blessed to have jobs that are crazy fulfilling and a support system that never fails.

Lisa truly is a SuperWoman on and off the bike; if you’d like to ride with our super hero at a discounted rate during the month of July, catch her on the following days and times:

Wednesday July 5th at 5:30pm,  Monday July 10th at 5:30pm. Wednesday July 26th at 5:30pm, and Monday July 31st at 5:30pm.

Make sure you buy the Instructor of the Month class before you book.

See you in the Saddle Room Gritties.

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