From carpool pick-up to presidential inaugurations to her sold-out classes, keeping up with Leigh Beach will have everyone screaming for “mommy!!!”

Our resident politico and mama-of-the-year manages to still keep her sense of humor and raise our spirits weekly in the Saddle Room, as she simultaneously raises her three young children, helps her husband Eric run one of the nation’s top political PAC’s, and still fills every bike Monday, Wednesday and Sunday morning with her killer playlists and infectious energy.

Leigh is Costa Mesa’s July instructor of the month and recently stopped by the Outpost to give us a glimpse into her busy, beautiful life.

6:30am– Wake up. Check phone. See that I’m 14 texts behind on a group text thread between myself, my husband Eric and my “sister wife,” Katie Osumi.  More likely than not, it’s a joke that’s gone over my head. 
6:45am – Eric is an early riser {swoon, there is nothing sexier than a man who lets me sleep in} so he takes on the breakfast responsibilities with the kids: Rylan {10}, Sawyer {9}, and Saxon {6}…who also like to rise at an ungodly hour. They look just like him too. Totally annoying.
7:00am – Our two older kids are in the Newport Beach Jr Lifeguard program this summer…Before they can leave the house, I break a sweat spending 30 minutes applying sunscreen to their entire bodies. It’s the reason I don’t need to go to Grit on my day “off.” I’m also most-likely digging through the laundry room to find someone’s {ahem, Sawyer’s} missing hat, shirt, towel, flip flop…take your pick. 🙄

7:45am – Kids leave on bikes for the Peninsula. Get Saxon ready for his day camp.

8:30am – House is empty, operation clean-up in full swing. Every morning it’s like a tornado goes through our home…I spend a good 20 minutes making everyone’s beds, picking up clothes, throwing in my first load of laundry for the day {spoiler alert: it won’t get folded for WEEKS,}  and generally getting our house presentable and DE-frat-housed, as I like to call it.

9:00am– Most people have met Eric in my class or Katie’s…yes, the guy that gives shout outs to himself. I know. There are many things about him I do not understand. Most people know that when he’s not at Grit, he’s doing something that involves politics…But most people don’t know that I work with him and our team. He runs the Great America PAC {Political Action Committee,} it’s the largest outside group supporting the President’s agenda…and I handle communications and media relations for him.

Once the house is kid-free, we sit down and talk about plans for the day. Most Thursdays, I’ve booked him to do an interview on either Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC {so Katie can watch}. I’ll work with the producers of the show to make sure we have the topic for the day and corresponding talking points. I’ll also spend time replying to any print reporters who’ve sent media inquiries and are writing on deadline. On bigger news days, or days where we’ve released a new ad, the schedule stays pretty fluid and we spend a lot of time monitoring our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, etc.

10:00am– Go to Ralph’s. I go to the grocery store. Every. Day. I’m incapable of planning ahead. Meal prepping!? Forget it. I go to the store and get all the things I need to make for dinner…It’s usually something my kids won’t like. But I make it anyway. And if they don’t eat it, they don’t get another option. I stopped being a short-order cook years ago. Plus, there’s no way they’ll starve- Fast forward to 1:00 pm to see why. Today I’m making bacon mushroom asparagus risotto…I LOVE to cook. I try to cook at least 4 times a week.
11:30am – Eric and I will usually try and grab lunch together at one of our fave local spots. We’re known to frequent Wild Taco, Sessions or Mendocino Farms. I love our lunch dates and there are so many good local spots!  
12:30pm – Kids are on their way home from Jr Guards and we pick up Saxon from his camp. Usually the kids will come home and swim. They are never tired. I’m usually trying to negotiate an afternoon nap. I could nap every day. And not like a 30-minute “cat” nap. I’m talking a two-hour, verge of hibernation, wake-up thinking-it’s-Friday-morning type of nap.
1:00pm – One of my children missed the nap memo and is asking for a snack. Yes, I’ve told them that they just ate lunch 30 minutes ago. No, they’re never NOT hungry. “Sure, you can have your second bag of Doritos for the day.” 😡

2:00pm – Back in the pool. In the summer, if we’re home, we’re usually in the pool.

2:30pm – Help Eric get ready for his interview. Yes, I’m also his stylist. And since I “Chernobyl’d” an outfit of his a few months ago, I try to pick something out that won’t get completely made fun of on Twitter. In my defense, I thought he looked really handsome.

3:00pm – Watch Eric’s interview. Make sure he doesn’t screw it up/say anything that will de-rail the administration’s message. No pressure, Beach.


4:00pm – Because we are usually working on an EST schedule, we’re typically done with work for the day. We’ll watch the cable news shows and see how the day unfolded in DC. And usually sneak in a glass of wine. No judging please. Remember, it’s 7 pm on the East Coast.
5:00pm – Start to make dinner. Yes, we basically eat dinner while some families are still recovering from lunch but remember, I have kids who will be “starving” in 3, 2, 1…{screams for mom.}
6:00pm – Eat dinner. Or at least Eric and I will eat. Usually at least 2/3 of my children are “full.” Or “sick.” Or “tired” and can’t bring themselves to eat my delicious home cooked meal*.
*If it’s pizza for dinner, disregard previous statement.

7:30 pm– Everyone {including me} starts to get ready for bed. While I don’t actually go to bed until about 10 or so…I’ve been known to have a panic attack if I’m not IN bed by 8pm. It’s my favorite part of the day. The house is quiet and messy again. The kids are {finally} slowing down. And I get to binge watch Bloodline or Million Dollar Listing New York. Seriously, my bed is my most-favorite place. I could stay in it all day.


9:30pm– Insert toothpicks into eyes to stay awake for an entire second episode of Bloodline.
9:32pm– snoring.
Goodnight Gritties. Catch ya on the flipside.

We’re exhausted just reading…..hungry, and exhausted.

Thank you Leigh for sharing with us your hilarious, roller coaster-ride, live-every-day to its fullest and funniest life.

If you would like to ride with Leigh at a discounted rate for the month of July, catch her on the following days and times: Wednesday July 12th at 8:15am , Sunday July 16th at 8:15am, Wednesday July 19th at 8:15am, and Monday July 24th at 8:15am; don’t forget to purchase the discounted Instructor of the Month class first before you book.

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