San Clemente Lifeguard and Junior Guard Foundation is dedicated to the enhancing and well-being of visitors to their beach through education, developing and building community partnerships, and obtaining resources to directly support the San /Clemente Marine Safety Division’s Lifeguard and Junior Lifeguard programs.

Grit Cycle Monarch Beach loves its new coastal neighborhood, and we believe beach safety and protection is a number one priority; that is why we are happy to sponsor the San Clemente Lifeguard and Junior Guard Foundation for the month of June.

Every summer San Clemente’s toughest and bravest youngsters turn out for real-life lifeguard training.

They are taught water + sun safety, respect, and how to push through challenges.

Many look back on these summers in junior guards as their first foray into mental AND physical tenacity.

If you would like to show your some South County support and donate to the San Clemente Lifeguard and Junior Guard Foundation please join us for a karma ride on Sunday June 11th 12pm with Cassie + Alex.

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