When she isn’t busy tapping it back, our yummy-mummy, Chelsea is momming HARD to her three adorable kids, all under the age of 7, the youngest only six months old.

We caught up with our Costa Mesa instructor of the month for June as she navigates us through a day in her joyful, laughter-filled, diaper-changing, carpool lined life; just like her classes, it doesn’t disappoint.

As a mother of three children, Blakely {6,} Stryder {4} and Rallie {7 months,} I can’t say that any one day is the same as the one before. However, I can tell you that things never getting boring around my house. There is always lots of love, laughter, and loads of truck sound effects- courtesy of Stryder.  I’d say a typical day for myself may look something like this…

5:45am Rallie usually wakes me up to nurse. This is then followed by me getting up out of bed, throwing on some workout gear and a hat. I usually like to get my coffee going, eat my favorite protein bar- Think Thin Crunchy Peanut Butter, and pack Blakely and Stryder’s school lunches before the entire house is up. More often than not though, Blakely is usually up and about trying to surprise me with her school uniform already on and ready to go.

7:35am Either Rallie and I take Blakely to school while the boys stay home or my hubbie, Trever, will take Blakely to school while I stay home with the two littlest’s.

9:00am I drop Stryder off at preschool three mornings a week. While he is at school I like to try and spin at Grit, maybe do an at home workout with Tracy Anderson’s live streaming, or be productive around the house.

11:00am Some days during this time I’m trying to prep dinner. The recent cookbook I’m into, thanks to my girlfriend Allison Sanden, is The Skinnytaste Cookbook by Gina Homolka. Other days I’m with my husband making decisions for our new house we are building. It will be done soon! Can you say “pool party?!”

12:00pm I’m eating a quick lunch then picking Stryder up from preschool and usually bringing him to some after school activity. His favorite is skateboarding class with his buddies.

2:00pm It’s usually time my sweet tooth kicks in and I will bake some cookies. My all-time favorite thing to bake right now is peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. My kids always request these and I can never say no.

2:45pm Stryder, Rallie, and I pick up Blakely from school. Some days she has after school activities I need to take her to, while other days we all just hang out and play. I love playing outside with my kids on their swing set, Blakely’s gymnastic mat, or in the rocks with Stryder and his trucks. Rallie loves to take everything in and watch us all. Soon enough she will be joining in on the fun.

6:00pm We are eating dinner as a family talking about what we loved most about our day. I love hearing everyone’s stories.

8:00pm My kids go to bed and then it’s time for Trever and I to catch up and hang out just the two of us… well and maybe two glasses of wine as well.

10:00pm This time hits and I am ready for bed! You will rarely catch me up passed 10pm. I’m definitely a morning person!

I am looking forward to the long summer days ahead! Blakely and Stryder will be done with school mid-month. As much as they both love school and I love a good routine/schedule the freedom of summer is something I look forward to. If this were a summer day you would definitely find all five of us down at the beach usually with some best friends and my in-laws. We can’t get enough of that California sunshine- hunting for seashells, catching sand crabs, packing C’est Si Bon for lunch, and lots of surfing and boogie boarding. There is nothing better than a day at the beach with the people I love the most.

Lucky for all of us Chelsea fans her Sunday 7am classes will all be discounted for the month of June: June 4th, June 11th, June 18th, and June 25th! Make sure you buy the Instructor of the month class first before you book.

Thank you so much Miss Chelsea for stopping by the Outpost and giving us a glimpse into your busy, bustling day. We love you.

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