Summertime in Southern California is iconic; rock stars write anthems about it, poets pen sonnets in respect, and filmmakers venerate our backyard in their yearly blockbusters.

 And it’s not just the sunny weather that draws people, worldwide, to our beaches and board walks; it’s the Hang Loose lifestyle so unique to So-Cal and acutely out on display from June to September.

With summer officially less than a month away we asked our staff what they do to get ready for everyone’s favorite season:

Our Katie Simons, aka our marketing goddess, was quick and chockfull of cool, summer prep:

To get her skin perfectly polished and hydrated for bikini days and mini-skirt nights, Katie LOVES the coconut crush scrub from Kompari Katie also likes to snag up a package of spray tans from our pals at Bronzed Bunny; who just opened up in Dana Point near our Monarch Beach studio….so get GRITTY and then get your bunny bronzed!

Katie is extra excited about her new beach cruiser she received from her fiancé Chris; she plans on riding it all summer long, enjoying this gorgeous Southern California life we get to live. Lastly, she likes to get a girls’ trip to Vegas on the calendar for July so she has something to extra fun to look forward.

Already the queen of porcelain skin, Dani goes into overdrive for summer: First, she gets her feet, baby soft and sandal ready, with the cult-favorite Baby Foot exfoliator.  Not for the faint of heart, this is a big girl’s pedicure; and you do it at home. Say “goodbye” to dead skin {literally….like in layers.}

Dani is a regular dry brusher, and LOVES her Brazilian Bum Bum creama delicious-smelling, tightening and smoothing cream made from the Amazonian guaraná plant, which is touted to contain the most potent caffeine of anything on the planet.

Instructor Rebecca isn’t about to hang loose with her summer; she’s “bumping it up this year”  with an online bikini series. “The bikini series is an 8 week program with a meal plan and workouts, aimed at helping you achieve your best {bikini} self.” #hotspinchick

Instructor Molly says she’s getting her “summer body” the discount way: I’m starting the complete body cleanse from Trader Joes and replacing 1 meal a day with a healthy green smoothie or juice, 5 days a week, and starting to do boot camp for some extra toning.

Now it’s your turn! How do our Gritties get ready for summer? Let us know how you prepare for this beloved season; we adore hearing from you.



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