We only have one magnificent Earth. When you think about it, we are merely guests on this vibrant, complex, and glorious planet; and now more than ever it’s vital we each do our part to be appreciative, well-mannered, and respectful to our accommodating host.

All of us at Grit feel the incumbency to do our share to help protect our environment. A few of the staff have shared their favorite ways to keep green:

Plastic bags are particularly dangerous here in Southern California. Because they are light in weight, they are often blown out of trash trucks and do not stop until they meet a water source {river, lake, ocean.} Since plastic is not biodegradable {and does not disintegrate} the bags break up into little pieces and sponge up toxins; thus polluting these environments {both bodies of water and the surrounding air.} Ocean life often mistakes these plastic globs for food and chokes to death.

Instructor Rebecca keeps it green by doing her part to mitigate this plastic bag problem: {I} always having reusable grocery bags with me, and by receiving lectures from my tiny, environmental engineer of a mother, I, seriously,  was once a recycling bin for Halloween.”

The cost to taxpayers for plastic bag clean up is stifling: an estimated 34 million to 107 million dollars is spent each year to manage plastic bag litter in our state. 

And it’s not just plastic bags that affect the environment; all of our trash: our to-go coffee cups, our plastic water bottles, our plastic utensils, containers for pre-packaged food, household liquids {shampoo, dishwashing soaps, etc.} all of that ends up somewhere, and most of the time it’s NOT at a recycling center, nor a landfill. According to the EPA: “the west coast spends more than $520 million a year on combating litter and mismanaged trash”.

The best way to combat trash is to not create it at all; our staff is fantastic at this concept:

Stephanie Castro-Woods keeps green and caffeinated with her bando thermos, bringing your own mug to your favorite coffee shop is a great way to minimize all the trash we create, and it’s also a chic accessory to keep your side car coffee hot all day.

Our own Molly knows that just because you’re entertaining, it doesn’t give you a free pass to create more trash: I use Mason Jars and real plates {cheaper ones} when I have parties so I don’t have paper plate/cup waste. She also maintains  environmentally friendly with her pocket-book: When I buy juice and kombucha I try to buy glass containers so I can refill them with my own juice and booch.

Our Gritty Babe Andrea is NEVER without her Hydro Flask–keeping both her water cold and her coffee hot, we love to think of how many plastic bottles and paper cups this double wall-insulated thermos has suppressed.

 Instructor Lauren Rasky is extremely passionate about protecting our environment. Lauren walks her talk with a mostly vegan/plant-based lifestyle, and she’s always armed with the data of how her vegan lifestyle helps our planet:

  • Livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, or 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation. 
  • Agriculture is responsible for 80-90% of US water consumption.
  • Growing feed crops for livestock consumes 56% of water in the US.

She creates the most delicious plant-based meals, that do NOT harm our Earth {nor do they harm any of our Earth’s precious creatures either.} Follow her on instagram to drool or make-along.

Water conservation is a huge environmental issue; especially here in California where have still have four counties under drought emergency {most of California was declared lifted on April 7th.} Water conservation should be a way of life for all. We suffered devastating effects from our most recent drought:

The drought reduced farm production in some regions, killed an estimated 100 million trees, harmed wildlife and disrupted drinking water supplies for many rural communities. The consequences of millions of dead trees and the diminished groundwater basins will continue to challenge areas of the state for years.

Inspired by water waste, instructor Cassie says her green tip is “gnarly.” She says: I hate wasting water.  I think flushing my toilet 19,000 times a day {because that’s how much a healthy girl pees} is 18,986 times too many.  Forever ago, I heard Cameron Diaz say that she conserves water in her house by not flushing every time.  “If it’s yellow, it’s mellow.  If it’s brown, it must go down.”  Since it’s just the hubs and I these days, we follow that rule.  DON’T WORRY!!!!  If I know company is coming, I flush all of the toilets!  

Now we want to hear from you, Gritties?

How do YOU help to protect and maintain our gorgeous planet EARTH?



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