If the instructors at Grit had to pick one item in their gym bag they consider THE most precious and cared for, you’d get a unanimous “My MICROPHONE!” response.

 Very protective with their beloved mic’s; the instructors wipe them carefully down, dry them out after each class,  handling them like fine, easily breakable china, often giving them pet names and putting them “nigh night” in their own exclusive, protected, cozy, {arid} shelter.

So we don’t just throw them into any, ol’ gym bag. We noticed each of our instructor’s have different mic bags to fit their very different and unique personalities; each bag kind of telling a story in itself.

Here are some of our favorites:

Instructor Cassie’s bag and story behind her bag are just as colorful and illuminating as she is.

My bag was $6 from Forever 21.  It makes me super happy BUT…little pieces of fur stick to my puffy (go ahead…say “puffy” without smiling), and I can feel them on my lips while I teach.  I might be rethinking my bag choice soon. Inside of my bag,  you’ll find my Britney mic, Burt’s Bees Lip Balm {I hate dry lips,} a breathable Walker bag for my puffys, and an amazonite gemstone.  Why amazonite?  It enhances communication, helps you to articulate information and insight, activates the throat chakra, and assists one to “walk the talk” and align actions with words.  ALL of these are things that I try to bring to my classes.  Yep!  I believe in crystals and gems.  Mostly, they serve as a gentle reminder to always be my best.  

BossBabe and Instructor Dani 

All of my bags were gifted to me… Sally Mattson gave me the “hellraiser bag because she said it reminded her of me when we first met, and I had pink hair. I keep my iPad and mints and things in it. Debbie Springer gave me the French bulldog bag because it looks like my baby boy Duke and that holds my puffies. The explicit bag was given to me by none other than Marisa Wayne ⚡ I keep my backup lipsticks, hair ties, bandanas, and zum mist in that one 👌

Instructor Leigh Beach keeps things in the family with her microphone bag. This California cool pouch is from Pura Vida.

Don’t let Jessica’s sweet and innocent Hello Kitty bag deceive you, one listen to that playlist of hers and you know she can get just as naughty just as she is angelic. Inside, she has her mic and puffies along with DoTerra Motivate blend oil that she puts on her wrists and the insides of her elbows, Listerine minty mouth spray and Palmers Cocoa Butter stick for her lips.

Katie poached this popsicle lunch sack from her two-year old and made it her own:

“I found it at the local kids store here in Costa Mesa AntHill SHOPnPLAY. It fits my microphone, windscreens, and all of my sprays + potions to keep my podium germ and gloom free!

 So there you have it, a little glimpse of how we all keep it semi-together…..

P.S.~an honorable mention goes out to Rebecca who still wanted to “play” in the microphone post. She submitted her “bag”-the box said microphone arrived in; she writes “I don’t want to smother the mouth piece! Moisture is terrible for that $#%t! So until I found the right case, box it is.

 At least she’s staying environmentally friendly.

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