Happy Cinco De Mayo Gritties!

In honor of all the guacamole consumed on this festive day we thought we’d do our own ode to the hallowed avocado itself:

The “guac” may be extra, but all the nutrients are free of charge.

Everywhere you look, especially here in Southern California, people are documenting their love affair for the avocado. This delicious fruit adorns all types of cuisine, is as tasty in breakfast as it is in dessert, and can even be used in do-it-yourself beauty products.

Often misconceived as unhealthy because of their high fat content, avocados are actually dense in the fat that is GOOD for us: monounsaturated fats, which promote a healthy heart.

The avocado contains some of the most abundant nutrients of any food on the planet, garnering it the title: superfood.

Such nutrients include: Vitamin K, Folate, B-6, B-5, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

Avocados also have more potassium than bananas, and are loaded with fiber.

The fat in an avocado {oleic acid} actually aids in the absorption of other vitamins and minerals ingested in the same meal; so in effect avocados are a great “gateway drug” to a more powerful nutrient punch.

Our instructors are definite avocado addicts too:

Check out superstar Lisa’s delicious “dinner” she makes with a heaping amount of avocado:

“I am slightly obsessed with avocados… I try to add them to as many meals as possible.  But my ultimate go-to is on top of my dinner scramble! I take fluffy scrambled eggs and mix them with grilled asparagus, roasted butternut squash, and sautéed spinach.  I top it all off with diced avocado, crispy baked quinoa, and a spice called Tajin! OH MY GOSH!!! It’s SO good!”

Our Nicci Morris maintains her avocado obsession with Dave’s” killer bread egg whites, avocado, lemon pepper and a little cholula hot sauce on top!

Leigh Beach keeps it simple and straight forward and gets her avocado in via good ol’ guacamole.


The health benefits of avocados aren’t just limited to consumption either; avocados have been used for years to battle wrinkles, inflammation and to moisturize both the hair and the skin. From acne to eczema, avocados are used to treat, prevent, and rid the body of all these unwanted ailments.

We’ve included three DIY masks for you to tackle at home; let us know what you think.

Are you an avocado aficionado too?

What’s your favorite way to enjoy this healthy Southern California treat?

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