For the month of May we are honored and proud to support the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, a leader in radical research in the fight to defeat cancer.

In honor of their father, who valiantly battled lung cancer in 1964, but then lost the fight to stomach cancer in 1979, John Wayne’s family {including daughter–our own Marisa Wayne} formed the John Wayne Cancer Foundation {JWCF} to bring awareness, support, revenue, and groundwork to fighting this ugly disease.

One of the biggest impacts JWCF has made is with their BLOCK THE BLAZE program. Initiated in 2003, Block the Blaze is a youth skin cancer education program. In 2016 Block the Blaze educated over 23,000 junior lifeguards in California and expanded to eight additional states.

“Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. with 3.6 million people diagnosed annually, and it is on the rise.  1 in 3 Californians will be diagnosed with skin cancer during their lifetime.  95-100% of skin cancer is curable if caught early and treated quickly.

With an emphasis on self-screening and prevention, Block the Blaze aims to educate kids from elementary to high school on the dangers of skin cancer. Over 220,000 kids have been impacted by the Block the Blaze program; hopefully that is 220,000 less in skin cancer diagnoses.

Just like the man himself the John Wayne Cancer Foundation never believes in giving up or giving in. They will keep fighting the fight against this gross disease until a cure is found.

If you would like to contribute please join us in two Karma Rides supporting the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.

The first will take place on Sunday May 7th 12:30pm Marisa Wayne + Kelli Ogle at our Costa Mesa Studio.

The second will take place on Thursday May 18th 6:45pm Matt Bourne + Steph Castro-Woods at our Monarch Beach Studio.

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