For more than a decade coffee has been the number one source for Americans to get their antioxidants. It seems that translates to our Grit Staff as well.

The list grows on why we’re so beholden to this liquid brew; we also asked our staff how they liked best to consume their favorite anti-oxidant:

 Gritty Babe Abby’s coffee tastes have had an evolution over the years:

Raised on diner coffee, lead to a Starbucks romance (both with the coffee and the boy making it 😜) now I’m all about that Sidecar Coffee and milk and honey lavender lattés! But to be honest, I’m not that picky….as long as it’s strong!

In a recent study from Stanford University, researchers discovered coffee consumption can actually stave off inflammation, and therefore its by-product disease. Those with the lowest levels of inflammation reported a regular, daily, coffee consumption. The lead author, David Furman, states: “Most of the diseases of aging are not really diseases of aging, per se, but rather diseases of inflammation; the more caffeine people consumed, the more protected they were against a chronic state of inflammation. There was no boundary, apparently.

Retail manager Danielle Dorr keeps it simple, she likes her coffee “big and black.

 Did you know that just one whiff of coffee can make you more awake and alert; even less stressed? Apparently just the aroma of coffee can produce stress-fighting nerve cells in the sleep deprived. So even if you’re not a coffee drinker next time you’re absolutely exhausted, try sniffing a hot cup of java to help wake you up.

Don’t let that beautiful, innocent face fool you- at heart that girl likes her chai’s EXTRA DIRTY! Katie Simons let’s us in on her nasty secret: the Dirty Vanilla Chai Latté from Alta Coffee.

Booze too hard last night? Best you drink a cup of coffee in the morning, at least to keep your liver happy. Coffee has been linked to lowering the risk of cirrhosis {liver disease caused by alcohol consumption.} Nine different studies involving over 430,000 people showed that two cups of coffee dropped the risk of the disease by 44%, drinking four cups of coffee dropped it by 65%.

Of course we advise hopefully just avoid getting to the point of “excessive” alcohol consumption in the first place.

For new mom and Gritty Babe, Cassie, her coffee needs to help with sleep deprivation {even though baby Sage is a great sleeper} and has to be stroller friendly:

“So I went to this little place, Common Room Roastersby my house on Placentia and Production. And their coffee is AMAZING. My husband got a double shot of espresso straight and I got an iced almond milk latte! The coffee is STRONG but still tasty, not to mention their almond milk is made locally so it’s super good! Everyone in there is always super friendly to Sagey + me,  and the ambiance is super mellow. The space is full of repurposed pallets which, if you know me, you know everything I own is made from a repurposed pallet. {not literally, but kind of.}

Call it the caffeine, but coffee drinkers cannot deny the jubilation given to them by this blessed bean. And now there’s science to back it up. The National Institute of Health came out with a recent study reporting that coffee has an important physical and mental consequences. While soda, fruit punch and iced tea were linked to depression, coffee was linked to a lower risk of melancholy.

 Caffeine’s main effect is to speed up some of the neurons in our brains; neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine get released; increasing our mood, memory and cognitive function. This boost in brain function is great for work, school or just life in general.

Gritty Babe Lyssa loves the her “golden lattés” from NEAT coffee, a local Costa Mesa favorite that serves Stumptown Coffee.

Lastly coffee can help with your performance in the Saddle Room. Partially because of its stimulant effect, coffee can {slightly} elevate the metabolism and increase fatty acid to oxidize; athletic performance improves when fatty acids are circulated out of the fat tissues at these faster rates.

For Kaitlin Honeycutt her java fix is a short walk from the Grit Cycle ramp:

My favorite place to have coffee?? I will admit I am an avid Starbucks go-er. The boys that work the a.m shift on 17th and Westminster are like the two most consistent people in my life…  but if I had it my way, my favorite place to enjoy a cup of coffee would be my bed. There is nothing better than sleeping in, staying snuggled with Zoey, taking my sweet-mf-time and enjoying the morning. Or when a friend brings over a cold brew and says, “Kaitlin, it’s time to get up“.

So no need to feel guilty for gulping down the joe! Pour another cup and let us know how you take your coffee and or where your favorite spot in town is to grab a brew.


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