Say What?

Words pack a punch.

They can transform your mood both in a positive and negative way; our brains are just THAT subjective.

In the Saddle Room it’s imperative that our instructors use their words wisely, carefully, and opportunely.

Our instructors accept nothing but the best from our Gritties, and in return they mirror this excellence.

Your time on the bike is a personal, sacred, and often vulnerable juncture.

We all come to Grit with different motivations, agendas, and hopes; our instructors seek to speak to and respect all of these various incentives.

Sometimes even with just one word, an entire room of people, all with different backgrounds, stories, problems, joys, fears, etc—they are instantly united together in a fierce, indescribable electricity that brings them back week after week.

Often times it’s just that voice in the dark we need to hear; that affirmation, a fearless leader letting us know that someone has our backs; they are watching out for us, they believe in us, and they are on our side……”til’ that last beat drops!”

Now it’s your turn.

What words of inspiration, encouragement, humor, or support, get you through the grind, gruel and GRIT of the Saddle Room? Tell us what our instructors say to help you push through a heavy climb, sustain a sprint, or just overall statements that stay with you throughout your day. Write below in the comment box to enter for a FREE—yes FREE class!! We will draw a winner next week!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Stefanie says:

    I love Steph’s high fives and her after class hugs

  2. Katie says:

    I love all of Maddie’s inspirational sayings and calls to be present during class!

  3. Stacy says:

    I love Kaitlin’s “Dont sit down” and “Stay strong”

  4. Michelle M Miller says:

    Lisa-after class you you are pumped with endorphins she says, “Now go rock your amazing self!”

  5. kallynhobbs says:

    I’m partial to a little cursing so I like any motivation with an F*Bomb. That does it for me! Kaitlin and Dani have got that down. 😉

  6. elle blanchard says:

    omg so many!!!

    “when you realize life is for you and not against you, that’s when your life will change”- Lisa

    “Remember your why”- Kaitlin (also maybe Lisa?)

    “Giving up is mental, not physical”- Kaitlin

    Yes I wrote these down after class and saved them… lol

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