Not only do we have the best staff in town; but our employees are boss when it comes to the tattoo game. These aren’t your “I was on Spring Break and got stupid” tattoos ladies and gentlemen. Our Gritty Babes and Instructors’ tattoos have stories and deep meaning.

We asked a few of them to share some of their body art.

Instructor Cassie has the BEST story behind her tattoo; ink that shocked {!} the heck out of all of us!
For my 48th birthday this year, I decided to get my first tattoo.  It’s a “5, ” and I have it just at the tip of my bicep muscle.
*Why a “5?”  It’s my most fave number. (You have a fave number don’t you?)
*Why did I get it?  I’m a “Pleaser.”  Which means I always want to make sure YOU are good.  I always ask for permission and make sure YOU are okay with what I’m going to do.  Getting this tattoo was the very first time that I had ever done ANYTHING without asking for permission or making sure everyone was okay with my decision.
*Why on that part of my body?  Because I don’t always see it and I forget that it’s there until I get a little flash of it in the mirror.  It always brings a smile to my face.
 Leigh knew that I was going to do it and asked if she could come along and get one, too.  It made it waaaaay more fun.

Instructor Leigh couldn’t resist not participating in Cassie’s above mentioned fun:

Cassie was going to get a tattoo for her birthday and I tagged along because I had been wanting to add something to my small collection. It’s 3 little waves representing my “Beach kids.” Or as Katie likes to call it: “is this pen working?”

Our new instructor, Shannon sports her favorite tattoo along her forearm:

II•XXVII•MMVI——The date that forever changed my life! Ryan’s birthday—{her sweet daughter.}

For Gritty Babe Cassie, her tattoos have become more of a family project:

These three my husband did. He is an art major and got a crazy bug and decided to buy a tattoo gun! I let him practice on me. The finger tattoo was his first ever. the Roman numerals are the day we said “I do,” and the zodiac signs our mine {Sagittarius,} my husband’s {Scorpio,} and our princess baby Sagey {Cancer.} The anchor I got when I was younger for funzies. The key has a D on the end that my husband and I both have;  we actually got {them} when we had been dating for two weeks! Again with the crazy bug… his key has a C {for Cassie} on the end of it. He promised if we got them he would put a ring there one day! And the rest is history..

Instructor Kaitlin’s tattoos are just inspiring as her classes.

Yes I know, I’m covered in tattoos, and yes, they hurt to get. Silly question kids. But for me what makes them hurt a little less is when they mean so much more.
I lost count on how many I have a long time ago, but the one that I will never forget, and the one that is the closest to my heart is my chest piece. From collarbone to collarbone I have written “Thy Will Be Done,” a tattoo I got for myself commemorating my first 365 days, 1 full year, of sobriety. It is a daily reminder of the disease I am fighting against, and that every day I have been given since being sober is a gift.

For Gritty Babe Karissa, her tattoos are a testament to her two siblings:

The lemons are matching tattoos that my brother, sister and I got this year. Growing up, we did NOT get along. And not like the sibling bickering kind of way. We went through some serious rough times. These past two years we have grown to be more than just siblings, but best friends. It’s like each of us had to deal with our own intense life shit to develop empathy for each other. The lemons are symbolic of one of the few positive memories we have together as kids. We had a lemon tree in our backyard and would have lemonade stands in the summer. Now there’s not a sour situation between any of us. I couldn’t do life without them.

Gritty Babe Amanda’s tattoos are a family affair too:

First of my two {three?} favorite tattoo pieces are my roses! They don’t have as much meaning to them besides them being my first real tattoo and being absolutely beautiful! The artist {Lindsey Carmichael} blew me away with what I was expecting to be so simple, they brought me so much confidence and I couldn’t love more!

My second and third favorite tattoos are the ones I have made dedicated to my parents. One for my mother which has dumbbells to represent {as most people know} her incredible passion for fitness and working so hard to better herself each day. The other for my father has a hardhat to represent his perseverance and strength that I admire so much. Both of these were also magical designs created by Lindsey Carmichael that were far more than my expectations and they mean so much to me!

Do you Gritties sport tattoos too? What do you have and what do they mean to you?

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