Summer is just around the corner and our days + nights are becoming more and more scantily clad; and as much as we love our cocktails, they aren’t exactly calorie-free.

Boozing and cutting calories just do not go hand in hand; and after vanquishing our sins in the Saddle Room, negating all those tap-backs with a few meaningless Moscow Mules on Saturday Night seems almost reckless.

Also many of us at Grit Cycle live a sober life; but just because alcohol isn’t a component of our lifestyle doesn’t mean partying it up with a delicious beverage is avoided too.

Enter the Mango Mojito Mocktail, the perfect libation for this time of year; it’s light in calories, dense in nutrients, and the perfect party potation!

All you really need for the above recipe is {1} really ripe mango, or frozen mango works just as nice.

These aren’t very sweet, so if you’re a major fruit freak definitely tweak your mango to water ratio; and if you’re really looking for a treat we’ve heard it’s even tastier, albeit NOT healthier with Sprite instead of water.

Mangoes are so tasty we almost forget how healthy they are. Dubbed the “king of fruits,” the anti-oxidant fighting compounds in mangoes aid in fighting colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers. They make the body less acidic and more alkaline. The high potassium levels in mangoes are good for controlling high blood pressure and heart rate. Mangoes are also loaded with B-6 which helps to prevent against stroke and heart attacks.

Not only are they a great provider of vitamin C, but limes are great digestives. The natural acidity in limes helps to regulate and aid digestive and intestinal disorders. The citric acid of limes is thought to combat arthritis in that it washes out arthiritis’ excess build up of uric acid.

Used for centuries, mint is a magical herb that eases stomach inflammation and digestive troubles. Mint has a cooling property, in flavor, scent and taste; this also transcends therapeutically to the mind and body. We see mint so often in desserts and in cocktails because of its relaxing qualities.

The effervescent to your mojito can come from either a club soda or sparkling mineral water.

We like to go with a sparkling mineral water for extra nutrients. Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water is one of the best mineral waters on the market. Gerolsteiner’s water has a NATURALLY high mineral content {calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate} and makes for an extra fizzy, extra delicious, water.

Bottoms up Gritties!

Cheers to your health, lower calories, clearer heads, and being able to drive yourself home!

Do you have a favorite, go-to, non-alcoholic drink? Spill it!

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