You see us spritzing this magic juice before and after class; practically every instructor and Gritty Babe totes it in their workout bag, and with just one whiff you’re instantly aromatherapy-fied!

But what exactly IS Zum Mist?

Zum Mist {first introduced to the studio by our always-in-the-know Lisa Mikelson} is a room and body mist made from essential oils, vegetable glycerin and purified water; simple, clean ingredients, with powerful, invigorating properties and effects.

With one little spray, Zum Mist can take a rank, 56 person Saddle Room, and transform it into a clean-smelling, inviting room for the following class.

The Gritty Babes rely on Zum Mist to help purify the air and evict any lingering stench.

Dani is a big fan of the Zum Mist: “I use the rosemary mint in the saddle room for my 5:45am peeps…It’s a great wake up scent! We also use the frankincense and the lemon at the studio after the super stinky classes.”

Rosemary Mint is definitely a favorite. Gritty Babe Abby is partial to the Rosemary Mint scentAllie Brown chimes in too: “Rosemary Mint all the way!!

Instructor Alex likes to spray {rosemary mint} “around my house to freshen it up! It lasts a long time – and then I don’t have to stress my hubby out when he thinks I’m going to burn the house down with candles.

Rosemary essential oil is used to help with respiratory health and also calms nerves and tension.  Mint is a very uplifting and inspiring scent. These two together are great assets for the grinding, full-throttling, and edge-pushing we try to accomplish in the Saddle Room.

Another crowd favorite is the Frankincense + Myrrh scent.

Frankincense has been titled the King of Oils for all of its functions.

Topically it stimulates the generation of new cells {aka it’s an anti-ager,} it’s an antiseptic {so it kills bacteria,} it’s an anti-inflammatory, and finally, the benefit we feel the most with the Zum Mist, it’s a therapeutic: frankincense decreases anxiety and helps you breathe deeper; which is so essential for those final sets of hand-hops.

Instructor Lauren D. counts is as her “favorite…”I keep it stashed in my instructor bag, my car and purse.”

Zum is available in a variety of scents and isn’t just limited to the magical mist. They have a diverse collection of household cleaning, bath, and beauty products. Dani says “the laundry detergent is legit and so is the lotion and body wash.”

Zum products can be purchased online, on Amazon, at Target or locally at Mother’s Market.

 Are you a Zum-natic too? What is your favorite scent?

Stay fresh Gritties.

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