Today’s Grit Story is our shiny superstar Olivia Peterson.

A USC song-leader, Olivia is still glowing from her final-second, nail-biting win at this year’s Rose Bowl.

We, at Grit, were thrilled to watch her keep in NCAA-shape, for the biggest game of the year, as she flawlessly rode the podium in Matt Bourne’s sold-out sweatfests.

Olivia offered to share a little about her experience at Grit and how it’s even become a family activity for her and her mom.


What brought you to Grit Cycle

I first came to Grit Cycle the summer going into my freshman year of college. I had originally committed to attending school on the east coast. I made a decision at the last-minute to stay home for a year, and go to Orange Coast College in hopes of being accepted to transfer to USC as a sophomore. All of my friends were about to leave for school, and I decided that I needed to find things to do to take up time. I wanted to try a new workout that I had not tried before. I had heard of how great spin was, and especially how great Grit Cycle was for a lot of my mom’s friends.

       Do you remember your first class at Grit? What was that like?

I remember every detail of my first class at Grit. I thought I was going to die. The older woman to the right of me was kicking my butt, and I could not figure out how this workout could be enjoyable, or even effective if I couldn’t even get through a class.

However, I continued to come back to Grit because I was determined to improve the workout, and I wanted to see the difference going to Grit Cycle could do for my body. I started going to Matt’s classes. I had heard so many people rave about how amazing of a spin instructor he was. When I attended his first class I was officially hooked.

What about Grit kept you coming back?

I realized that going to Grit was not about doing the workout the best, spinning the fastest, or using the most resistance. It was about pushing yourself. Grit is a place that you can walk into tired, stressed, or having a horrible day. Smiling friends that also share a love for the studio, and the workout always greet you. The people push you to do your very best, and have such a fun, exciting time during it. I look forward to waking up to go to a class as much as possible. I look forward to the music I get to ride to alongside the people I get to spin with. When I was bored at home with all of my friends having a great freshman year, Grit was a place that could keep my weeks exciting.


         Who is your biggest inspiration or motivation?

My mom and I would go together every morning, and it also became a great activity for us both to do together. She is definitely my biggest inspiration. She has been an amazing role model for me, and has motivated me to be the best person I possible can. Her kindness to everyone she meets is inevitable. My mom has always been so supportive with my passion for dance. Even being at school she is always at every gig, event, and game to support me.

 What is your favorite song to ride to and why?

My favorite song to ride to is Partition by Beyoncé because it changes up the speed of the class with figure 8’s, and always wakes me up with excitement. Also it is a chance to spin to Beyoncé.


I have grown up my whole life as a dancer. I started dancing when I was three, and it was how I spent all of my nights through high school. Dancing was my main source of exercise and enjoyment. After I graduated high school I worked teaching dance classes, and switched my main workout to be at Grit. However, I like being able to be dancing always as well. When I went to USC I tried out to be a USC Song Girl. I made the team, and was very excited to be able to be dancing and performing again. I had always dreamed of being a Song Girl, and could not wait for the football season ahead.


The season started out rough, but being on the field of the Coliseum was a dream come true. As the season progressed, and we made it to the Rose Bowl, I had no idea how much being a USC Song Girl would affect me. The game was the most amazing experience I have ever had dancing. From the Tournament of Roses Parade to the game itself the day still feels like it didn’t happen. The last quarter was so thrilling. I could not believe that I was on the field for that game, and will cherish those memories forever.


Thank you miss Olivia for sharing your story with us.

We love watching you from the stands as you dance it up both on the bike and the sidelines!

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