It’s only day one of March and we already notice an extra sparkle in the air.

Yes, none other than the glitter superstar herself, Jess Ginsberg, is our Monarch Beach March Instructor of the Month. We wanted to know what it takes to make this natural beauty get podium-perfect?

Jess spilled the goods to us on what she swears by to keep her smelling so pretty and looking even more gorgeous…

This is what she had to say:


First and foremost I have my microphone.  It has its own Hello Kitty bag for safety which holds lots of extra puffies and batteries.


I have a ridiculous amount of Sparkly Soul headbands to match every outfit.  Yes I am bringing matching back into the game! Hahaha!

Black hair ties, and one on my wrist at all times in case someone’s breaks during class.  I got ya covered.


Bath and Body Works “A Thousand Wishes” Diamond Shimmer Mist and Pink Chiffon; there are two reasons why I always have these: I never go on stage without glitter and I like to smell like candy.


I have my doTerra essential oils: Motivate and Breathe.


Extra Hanky Panky’s and workout bras …cause ya never know.

Mouthwash, cause I’m always up in everyone’s business.

An  iTouch for my banging jams.

My asthma breather.  I have them in every corner of my surroundings.  I have serious asthma.

I have a Make up bag with my necessities:


Lip Sense.  This lip coverage DOES NOT come off till you scrub it off.  It’s simply wondrous and compliments my life beautifully because you will rarely see me without lips on. Gimmi Brow by Benefit.  I love a good eyebrow.


Urban Decay or Make up Forever powder (depending on my tan.)


Lastly I have MAC Blush in Blushberry, an eyelash curler, Neutrogena shine control powder, and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter swivel stick.


Simply stunning Miss Jess.

Thank you for sharing with us.

Please come and ride with this lovely at a discounted rate on the following days and times:

Tuesday March 7th at 9:30am, Monday March 13th at 5:45am, Thursday March 23rd at 9:30am, and Friday March 31st at 5:45am.

See you in Monarch Beach Gritties!

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