This cold and flu season seems to have hit extra hard this year.

The number of man-down phone calls we receive at the front desk is stifling.

We want healthy Gritties both in and out of the Saddle Room.

We asked our staff for their most trusted way at handling the onslaught of sick.

Here’s what they recommended:


Instructor Cassie says: “the MOMENT I feel a tickle in my throat, I use Zicam mouth spray.  Every hour on the hour for the first day.  If that doesn’t work, my tonic of choice is screaming hot water with grated, fresh ginger, 1/2 of fresh lemon and a tablespoon of Manuka honey.  It just helps me to feel “better.”


Instructor Katie dips into her Eastern roots for fighting off a cold.

“Besides obsessive-compulsively washing my hands, {my hands resemble those of an evil, Disney witch,} I also rely on my Stayin’ Alive and Breath of Fresh Air Sprays from Frankie & Myrrh. The Stayin’ Alive has anti-bacterial properties that I spritz on my hands and surfaces I will be touching. The Breath of Fresh Air kills germs too, and supposedly provides “a cloud of protection during cold and flu season.”


Marisa Wayne swears by the concoction of Constant Comment TeaHoney, Lemon, and of course, Duke Bourbon!


Our own Katie Simons says “Go to Nekter, order the largest size of “The Greenie” and add tons of ginger. Drink it as fast as humanly possible and then take a nap. Works like a charm!”

Do you have a sure-fire, go-to remedy for your common cold?

Hopefully this goes without saying, that none of what we recommend should take the place of your own doctor’s care. Please seek medical attention for serious illness.

Wishing you wellness!



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