unspecifiedHappy Valentine’s Day Gritties!

Today’s the day for declaring your love, revealing that crush, and professing your infatuation for that special someone.

We at Grit thought we’d take our amorous affections public as the staff confesses their dream podium babe?

Cupid’s arrow has some serious bandwidth with this group. From rockstars and cowboys to video vixens and hot dads; the podium crush runs the gamut on our team.

Here’s a looks at our picks for our “dream podium babe”:


We figured we’d just get this one out-of-the-way; and Kaitlin and Gritty Babe Marisa made it easy for us.

Hello Tom Hardy.

Yes, you have an open invitation to Grit Cycle’s podium at any time you so wish to ride; no RSVP needed.


Kaitlin {thankfully} amended her choice and also added Aaron Paul to her podium {we CAN fit two bikes up there for pete’s sake!} —but Kaitlin specified it had to be the Aaron Paul during his stint on Breaking Bad, preferably during a season where Jesse “borderline had his shit together but had that hot I’m a trainwreck look.“–We think Kaitlin means Season 4, no?


Our marketing guru, Katie Simons, picked Justin Timberlake as the perfect inspiration to get the saddle room’s SEXYBACK.


The eye candy party continues with Lisa’s request: Ryan Gosling {with hearts in her eyes.}


Lauren Duff says she’s on the Ryan Gosling train too, but adds Sia to the list as well.


Instructor Chelsea is crushing hard for the trio of Leo Dicaprio, Gwen Stefani and her mom.


Nicci Morris says she’d be happy to share the podium with Rihanna.

She also added Channing Tatum, but we made need a bigger podium—{this Channing Tatum suggestion THEN lead to a group proposal/demand for a wine-night and staff screening of Magic Mike.”}


Instructor Katie is all about the Saddle Room party:

“Without a doubt I’d want Leslie Jones up there with me. Girl can moooooove and make me wet-my-pants-laugh! That makes for a winning class in my book.” 


Instructor and new mommy Chanel keeps it in the family. She picks Mike Angelo, daddy to their daughter Piper, as her podium babe. She also chose Miley Cyrus to keep Mikey on his toes.


Matt Bourne kept things local as well. In addition to Diplo and Ellie Goulding, the guru also opted for our own Thomas Guastello, a Saddle Room favorite, to make it a threesome up on his podium.


Jessica chooses the legendary Scott Weiland to rock her podium; megaphone and all.


Instructors Leigh Beach and Kelli Ogle are going to have to share Charlie Hunnam. They both picked the Sons of Anarchy star to motorcycle with. 

Reise ins Labyrinth, Die USA 1986 Regie: Jim Henson Darsteller: David Bowie Rollen: Koboldkoenig Jareth

Instructor Rebecca was very specific with her podium request:

“David Bowie. David Bowie from Labryinth!”


Instructor Cassie has her heart set on the queen of pop:

Okay…my dream podium partner would be Madonna circa 2009,  and we’d wear matching outfits…with the cut off, nude fishnets.  #duh”


Pack it up, pack it in! Dani has us ladies all perky and passionate for the Green Bay Packers!

Her podium babes, Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers, will have all the ladies in the pit bemoaning Grit’s “keep your shirt’s on fella’s” policy!


Gritty Babe Andrea was ready with photos and a youtube clip when she chose Teyana Taylor, the star of Kanye West’s fade” video as her dream podium babe. {We may or may have not watched this video more than the surgeon general’s recommended allotment of viewing.}


Steph Castro Woods has her heart set on a Katy Perry podium duet. We would all buy bikes for that set!


“Skeeter” from Doug is Gritty Babe Amanda’s top pick for single, single, doubling together up on the podium.


Although she wouldn’t mind hopping in on the Ryan Gosling ride, instructor Danielle Habedanck opts for a booty-kicking from the one and only Jillian Michaels.


Leave it to Allie Brown to get us all turnt up with her smokin’ podium picks. A little Justin Beiber and Lil Wayne to get the podium party started; and maybe a little RhiRhi if she’s still around from Nicci’s ride.


But in the end, Marisa Wayne takes the win: her dream trifecta: her dad, Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash….mic drop.

So now it’s YOUR turn Gritties….who is your ultimate podium crush!? Who would you just LOVE to have up there under the lights?

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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