Happy New Year Gritties!

We are full-throttle speedy into January! And what better way to kick this year off than with our own harefooted-superstar, Kelli Ogle, as our Costa Mesa instructor of the month.

Yes, Kelli has worn this crown before, and she’s given us previous glimpses into her glamorous life, but this time she comes to us not only as an instructor, but as our fantastic studio manager!

Juggling so many hats, we were curious to see what a day in Kelli’s life looks like. So that’s exactly what she gave us! She took us through her typical day; from wake-up to night-night, and here’s how it went down:


Wake up.. Smile… Hit the button on the Nespresso.. REPEAT walk to the sand and check out the amazing view and smell of the ocean in my PJ’s while eyes start to wake..


I feed my 3 desert tortoises, Bob, Papion and Twirp. I, then get ready for the office at Grit Cycle-this is where all the {behind the scenes} magic happens for Grit Cycle. 

After a little desk work I prepare my playlist for each class.


I love my playlist lineup right now. It’s a good mix of SkrillexAwolnationKanye WestKrewellaK.flay – The WeekndElliphantThe ChainsmokersKaleo A Tribe Called Quest.

My favorite part of everyday is walking into the saddle room and getting ready for class. I seriously love it; motivating and giving encouragement is one of my favorite parts of teaching. I have never been shy {shocker,} and I love being able to meet new riders. I love to chat with them, and make them feel that it’s ok to be you, and who cares if you don’t know what you’re doing yet; just have fun and sweat!


 I love all the Grit Riders who come up and tell me what a difference I have made for them 🙂 I have been told my energy is contagious and that they LOVE Grit and all the instructors! It makes every reason why I ‘am apart of this amazing family even more amazing!! Even when I’m not at full %100  it’s all in what you put out.. the energy and love you create will always come back.. Good Vibes every day all day! 🙂 BOOM!

After I teach I like to hang with the gritty babes to see if they need anything, then I will treat myself two nights a week and stop at Alta Coffee and grab a zuni stew and a tuna melt. So yummy! I will take it home, unwind, shower, and hit the couch. I will do a late-night detox tea that I love, and then it’s pillow time.


It’s always “yummy-time” with our Kelli girl!! Thank you lovely girl for sharing a day in your life.

If you’d like to share a little more time with Kelli come try one of her fantastic, dance-your-face-off{!!} classes! You can even take the following ones at a discounted rate:

 Friday January 6th at 4:15pm, Monday January 9th at 6:45pm, Friday January 20th at 4:15pm and Thursday January 26th at 4:15pm.

They are available to purchase here.

See you in the saddle room Gritties!

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