As we wind down the wild ride that has been 2016, we can’t help but take a look back at the incredible journey of the last twelve months.

We, at Grit Cycle, are forever grateful for the time, energy, and trust you all give us. So many of these moments, together, stay with us beyond those 45 minutes in the saddle room.

We asked some of our staff what have been their favorite Grit memories of 2016.


Without a doubt, the birthday ride, we were honored to host for Kelli Heald, in memory of her husband Tres, culminated as the most treasured memory for the staff.

Marisa said it best:

 “I was overwhelmed by her {Kelli’s} strength, by the memory of Tres, everyone showing up to ride for them and for Katie, Leigh and Matt volunteering their time for this amazing family. To me, this is what Grit is all about.”


For instructor Leigh Beach, she couldn’t narrow it down to one memory: from the Gritty Up party, to Lisa Briggs dressing up as a “Beach” for Halloween, to Eric Beach’s birthday ride, and to Leigh receiving flowers from that same Eric Beach; Leigh has had a bevy of wonderful moments at Grit this year.


For Cassie, her moment was one of OUR greatest moments too: her RETURN to Grit as an instructor!

“My best GRIT moment was when I posted that I was returning to teach and I received so many fantastic comments welcoming me back. You people are SO sweet!!!!!”


For our new mamma and Gritty Babe, Cassie, she remembers a sweet gesture from her fellow co-workers who love her so:

“My favorite memory this year at Grit was when I came in for my last shift before my maternity leave. I was just doing my normal work, and was blown away to see all my wonderful Gritty Babes there, to surprise me, with a baby shower! I’ll never forget the love and support I felt from everyone!”


For Lauren D. her number one memory this year at Grit involved a ton of hard work, dedication and time:

“In July, after a little nudge from Kaitlin Honeycutt {words can never really explain how much this woman means to me,} I auditioned to be an instructor at Grit Cycle, and I was accepted into the Grit Cycle Instructor Training program.

I have formed so many new relationships and strengthened so many relationships I already had during Instructor Training. In October, I made a dream of mine become a reality – I became an instructor at Grit Cycle!”


For Kaitlin Honeycutt, her favorite memory is one we’ve all taken part in and watched happen:

When I have to retire over my bloodied, black eye as a best memory {a result of my over-eager crunches teaching the 2015 Gritty Up,} you know this year was hard to beat…. but, if I had to pick a memory, it would be being able to witness the consistent evolution of “the 7 a.m time slot”.
So many things go into this memory that it is hard to name just one thing that sticks out……
It’s been seeing that class grow from 14 people to a waitlist.
It’s been seeing that waitlist reach a full waitlist.
It’s been selling out my first class, and no I don’t mean one with a few open bikes here and there from y’all no-show-ers, but a legitimate 54 bike stacked class.
It’s taking that legitimate 54 bike sellout, and throwing two people up on the podium for the first time and teaching the entire class off my bike.
It’s throwing people up on that podium for their first time and watching them kill it up there, their faces shining so bright from sweat and that God-awful podium light.
It’s been seeing the growth in myself as a teacher and even more so the growth in the people who continually show up, who have changed “the 7 a.m time slot”, the “oh that class? It’s way too early”, the “I snoozed through my alarm and couldn’t make it”, to a HAVE TO, MUST BOOK, ABSOLUTELY CANNOT MISS, F****** party of a spin class.
YOU have been my best memory. Thank you for making this year unbelievably incredible, with every f****** pedal stroke and #nocensorshiprequired playlist.

We couldn’t have said it better Miss Honeycutt.


As you can read and see, none of these memories could happen without you, our Gritties. We are nothing without our riders. You are our heart and soul, and our greatest memories.

So tell us, what are YOUR most favorite Grit memories of 2016.

Happiest New Year to you.


Grit Cycle

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