The halls may be decked, but in the process of trying to make everything holiday-perfect, you may find yourself be-decked in your own, personal, bout of bah humbug.

Although the holidays are supposed to typify merriment and joy, it is oftentimes the exact opposite sentiments which ensue. The pressure of gift-giving, party-going, year-end deadlines, and family get-togethers can sometimes add more stress than cheer during this time of year.

We hear you, and we care about you, so we’re sharing some of our staff’s favorite ways to beat the holiday stress.


Our HOTSPINCHICK instructor {yes! she’s back people!!,} and Orange County wellness guru, Cassie gives us several ways she keeps herself sane during this zany time of year:

How I handle stress:
1.  I make sure to stay on my sleep schedule.
2.  Meditation!!!!  I love Sa Ta Na Ma
3.  Find something that makes you laugh and put it on repeat!  I love Howard Stern.  He always settles me down.  When Howard isn’t on, I visualize Eric Beach doing weights in Leigh’s class.
4.  S W E A T.  #duh
5.  I keep a very organized Bullet Journal.  Just the act of creating my pages is meditative, and therefore stress relieving.

Gritty babe Abby credits staying ultra organized for helping her stay stress-free:

 I’m a list maker, I make a lot of lists, and they’re all very detailed.
~Lists for gifts that I start buying in October.
~Lists for the people I’m sending holiday cards too.
~Lists for what I need to pack to go home.
~Lists for what I need to accomplish before I leave.
 Everything from the lists then gets transferred into my daily planner / to-do list so I can slowly chip away at everything!

 One of our busiest bees, Katie Simons {aka Director of Marketing goddess,} mitigates her stress by simply unplugging:

Turning my phone off! It seems like such a little thing, but enjoying an hour or two at home without that tiny screen in my face is my favorite way to wind down.

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Although she’ll deny it to her family, instructor Katie bakes when she wants to unwind.

Cooking is kind of like required reading for me: if I’m asked to do it, I hate it and I become resentful. But if it’s spontaneous, I instantly chill out, make something extra buttery and full of sugar, and then gift it to someone I love {typically my husband or the gritty babes.}


Holidays can be a rough time for some folks; even a lonely time. The Mayo Clinic encourages people to find a sense of community in times of stress or when they feel alone. We hope that you all feel that sense of belonging and acceptance at Grit Cycle no matter whose class you come take.

So tell us Gritties, how are you managing your stress levels during the holidays?

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