When we say our clients are family we truly mean it. What starts out as a 45 minute speed date on a bike, can morph into after-hour laugh and cry sessions out on the deck.
Today’s Grit Story is about our girl: Kat Rogers.
It was only a little over a year ago that Kat was riding with us for the first time. Fast forward to today and she is now a bona-fide Gritty Babe, grinding side by side with us behind the scenes.
We want to share Kat’s story because so often people think boutique studios, like Grit, are too expensive or financially impossible. Kat, a single mother to a child with special needs, her son Slade, has proven that Grit Cycle is not an exclusive experience just for the wealthy.


Kat thank you so much for sharing your Grit Story. What was your first experience like in the Saddle Room? 
OK, so I was first introduced to Grit Cycle through my friend Taiza Wells.  She knew I enjoyed spinning, and the studio I used to go to didn’t offer any appropriate times for my schedule.  Spin is the first type of exercise I have actually stuck with, and truly love!  Spinning has quickly become my therapy, my “me time.”  The community of people, and now friends, I have found through GRIT has been nothing short of amazing.
GRIT has been a Godsend for me. GRIT has seen me through and been there for me during a break up, a stressful move, family drama, and my son Slade being hospitalized multiple times. GRIT is always there.  At times, I struggle in that saddle room.  Sometimes I cry, sometimes I scream, sometimes I laugh my butt off!  But no matter what I’m going through, I always feel 1000% better when I come out those doors! It’s incredibly cathartic. GRIT reminds me on a daily basis “to believe in yourself” and that I am “Grit Strong.”  When I’m saddling up, or when I get to watch someone else who is struggling with something, and when they step into these doors; I witness us all becoming better versions ourselves.


What’s the nitty-gritty on YOU? Can you give us a little background on Miss Kat please?
I am a single mom of 3, and my youngest son Slade has some serious health issues.  He is a special needs child, and has multiple disabilities.  This takes a lot out of a person to care for someone with soo much going on.  It’s very stressful, and the burn out rate is huge!  My son has quite a few doctors that help manage his care.  All of his doctors know…Mom Spins!!  And they always ask, and check in…”are you still spinning?” They know if I’m not spinning, something is wrong, and my stress level is thru the roof! Grit is good for me, keeps me sane, and in Grit is good for Slade. I can’t do all that I do for Slade if I don’t take care of myself.  People always tell me how strong I am, and although I know everyone means that as a compliment I am just a parent doing the best I can. Some days I kill it, some days I barely make it.  But I keep going.  GRIT has become soo paramount in that motto. I love their saying: “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway”. And I live that everyday.


Can you share a little about your son Slade? 
  Slade was born with a rare metabolic disease called Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency.  Slade is unable to metabolize protein.  He is missing the enzyme Ornithine which converts nitrogen into ammonia, and is excreted through urine as ammonia is toxic.  He was managed through mainly diet consisting of severe protein restriction, and a couple of ammonia scavenging medications. Shortly before his 3rd birthday Slade suffered an Ischemic stroke, resulting in permanent brain damage.  He is now fed through a feeding tube, and does not walk or talk anymore.  Slade struggles everyday, and it kills me to watch him struggle so much.  As a mom I just want him happy, and to enjoy life regardless what that looks like, or how hard it is for me.
Coincidentally Slade is a big fan of Best Day Foundation, our charity this month?
   Slade has been surfing with the Best Day Foundation for 3-4 years now.  They are sooo amazing!  Slade has always loved the water, and I was so excited when I learned of this organization.  It’s an organization that totally volunteers their time to these special kids with various activities, mainly water events.  Surfing, SUP, boating, kayaking, and some snow events as well.  They provide a fun and safe event for the kids, and keep it stress-free for us parents. They provide everything!  Wetsuits, helmets, life vests, food, and each kid gets their own little bag of goodies and their own little helper for the day. It’s a joy to watch my boy get to do what other kids get to do.  It’s a lot of work, but soo worth it.


So Kat can you dispel the myth that boutique studios are solely an affluent past-time?
As a single parent on a very fixed income I was concerned about the cost of spin classes.  I once tried to leave GRIT, and joined a regular gym cause it was cheaper monthly, and I knew they offered spin classes.  But I have yet to find ANY spin class that compares to the classes at GRIT!  I quickly became aware that my spin classes were my saving grace, and that is invaluable to me.  I’ve learned to make this affordable and work for me. There are cheaper gyms out there, so it all comes down to what you enjoy doing, and will do.   
One thing that worked for me is GRIT has great Flash sales, and often!  
My first tip is to make sure you follow GRIT on both Facebook and Instagram, and sign up on their website; that way you will always be alerted to their Flash sales, and any other promotions they have going on.  
Second is to always do their “Karma rides“.  The Karma rides are charity rides where GRIT donates the studio, the instructor donates their time, and ALL the proceeds benefit the charity of the month.  The minimum donation is $15 {which makes it cheaper than a normal class,} but you can donate any amount.  
Third is to always take advantage of the “Instructor of the Month, as the classes are at a discounted rate, and every month is a new instructor!  Plus, it’s a good way to try out an instructor you would otherwise not get a chance to ride with.  I spun for an entire year just using these tips without ever buying a package {and I spin a lot.}  
Also at various times throughout the year GRIT will do special rides for various groups, and often need bodies to fill the room…this is why being connected on social media is important.  
Lastly, once you start the path to a healthy lifestyle, you start to realize that some of the other things you spend money on aren’t nearly as important and they often hinder your workout. Example….going out drinking. Not only is it expensive, a waste of empty calories, but you feel like crap the next day. It’s a vicious cycle.  Bottom line, you get out of it what you put in.  Find what works for you.  This works for me, and I am GRIT.
You most certainly are everything and more that Grit embodies Miss Kat. We love you, treasure you, and couldn’t be happier to have you on our team. Thank you so much for sharing yours and Slade’s story.
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