So much of what we do at Grit Cycle involves supporting one another, on and off the bike. It is the rare individual who comes to class decked out, head to toe, in self-confidence; even especially the instructors; but we DO pride ourselves on our endless assurance and unwavering backing we give one another.


 Best Day Foundation takes encouragement and inspiritment to another level. Through adventurous activities on the beach or in the snow, Best Day Foundation empowers children and young adults with special needs to “stretch their limits, expand their true potential, reinforce their achievement, & connect them with diverse populations in their community.”


Awarded first-place by the Great Nonprofits.org., Best Day Foundation is lauded by families from all over the country for making their children feel safe and secure and treating them to a day of fun, friendship, and wild endeavors. Kids report having “the time of their life,” and parents tell of anxieties quelled by professional and loving volunteers who act more like friends and family.


Best Day Foundation is especially dear to us at Grit because it gave one of our own family members a day to remember.

Our own Kat Rogers, once client, and now Gritty Babe, has been a Best Day Foundation participant with her son Slade. We asked Kat to share what Best Day Foundation has meant to her as a mother.

So Slade has surfed with the Best Day Foundation for 3 years now. What it means to me as a mom is, my sweet boy gets to have a good day, just being a normal kid. I imagine it’s incredibly freeing for him.  He is soo often hooked up to tubes in a wheelchair, and when he’s on that surfboard….he’s free of it all.  There is no better feeling as a mom than to see him in that element.  As he is getting older and bigger I am more and more appreciative of these “best days.”  We truly look forward to it every year.


You can donate to Best Day Foundation with a spot in one of our Karma Rides:

Our first takes place on Wednesday December 14th at  4:15pm with Marisa Wayne and Leigh Beach or, you can ride with Matt Bourne on Friday December 16th at 4:15pm.


Make sure you buy a Karma Ride before trying to book your class.

Wishing you and yours a best day,

Grit Cycle

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