On this day of giving thanks we at Grit are happy and appreciative to reflect upon what we are most grateful for this year. Here are just a few of things we are thankful for:


Gritty babe, Abby, is  thankful for her grandparents and their farm in New York {yes that’s a real, un-retouched photo of it above,} and she can’t wait to visit in December!

1935859_1715763968709834_5248872732714534191_nKarissa is grateful for her family, “who was there and had me moved out of my terrible living situation in 3 hours without asking me a single question. They have brought the term “solidarity” a whole new meaning for me this year.”


And while we’re on the subject of “Gritty Babes,” instructor Allie Brown says she is thankful this year for our incomparable Gritty Babes who “are always making sure everything runs smoothly.


Katie Simons is “feeling pretty lucky this year to have gotten engaged to the most wonderful man in the world, found an amazing job that encourages my spandex addiction and, as always, I am super thankful for my family’s continued health and happiness.”


Our own Maddy Post let’s her gratitude overflow:

“I am thankful for many things, but there are 2 things specifically this year.
First, I am thankful for my health because it allows me to enjoy so many wonderful things in life! With health comes endless amounts of happiness, an opportunity for choice, and so many chances for adventure {and I really love adventures.}

Next, I am thankful for opportunity, because with opportunity comes change and a chance for growth. Thankfully, this past year has been full of new opportunities and new adventures!”

img_2609Instructors Chanel + Mike are grateful for their healthy, baby girl Piper they have yet to meet.


New mommy and Gritty Babe, Cassie is thankful for her family and her happy, healthy baby Sage.


Instructor Lauren D. says, “I am thankful for the most loving and supportive husband and also for the CAVA Grill that just opened in Irvine!”


Fresh off her Hawaiian vacation, instructor Leigh Beach is grateful for Pina Coladas.

img_5499Steph Castro Woods, brand + design manager, and our new lightning rod instructor, is thankful for her first year of marriage to husband Kyle {who shoots and directs all of our amazing videos.}

img_3731New mommy Chelsea says, “I am thankful for my growing family! Definitely enjoying my family of five. I’m also thankful for dark chocolate! Honestly I’m a much happier person with it in my life.” 


Our new spitfire on the podium Rebecca is thankful for “new friends. And kombucha!

13263946_1112459562108886_9178849186260399454_nGritty babe Holly says she is “thankful for my health, family and friends and of course my four nieces and nephews who are the greatest people ever!

suttonInstructor Katie Osumi is thankful her baby girl is finally old enough to indulge “mommy’s obsession of all things Christmas!” {Katie is also grateful for old man, dress socks.}

fullsizerenderNew instructor Nicci Morris counts her friendships at the top of her grateful list: “I’m very thankful for all of my friends! New and old! I couldn’t do life without them.”


Our magical Kaitlin narrowed her gratitude down to just a few items: “In light of the holiday season, and every single day, I find myself grateful for several things: waking up every morning and being blessed to thank God that not only I am alive, that I am sober and breathing. Outside of that, I am grateful for my chosen family, my mother, my dog Zoey and the way her paws smell, back-squats, avocado toast, Tom Hardy {see her IOTM interview,} my 7 a.m classes at Grit Cycle, a beautiful yoga sequence, positive attitudes, laughing so hard I throw up, a beautiful sunrise, hitting a new PR, sweatpants, and sleeping in. Oh, and pancakes. Never can we forget to be grateful for pancakes.

 13902666_1052337588176267_614934201393037435_nOur extraordinary and generous leader Marisa Wayne is “grateful for everyone who works so hard at Grit. I love the passion with which all the instructors, babes and executive staff do their work. I couldn’t be more thankful for all of you!!”

12345561_911422332267794_9096918290654139912_nAnd, of course, this post, and these sentiments could not be expressed without you: our clients, our warriors, our ‘never-settlers,’ our risk-takers, our leaders, our beacons of light and love, our Gritties. We, at Grit, are nothing without all of you who come through our doors day after day; serving up your best self, giving us your time, energy, and spirit. Every single one of you, we are so grateful for, and we treasure you. So from our Grit Family to you and yours,

Happy Thanksgiving.

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