The holidays are approaching, as are the later nights, the boozy celebrations, and the jubliees of sugary confections. It’s no wonder people lose their fitness and nutrition grooves this time of year. Experts say starting with a healthy, substantial breakfast is one of the best ways to stave off lousy nutrition decisions.
We reached out to our nighttime star instructor, and budding chef, Casey Danielle for her favorite, healthy breakfast.

My absolute favorite meal is breakfast, mostly because I love eggs, there are so many different ways to prepare them and they are such an awesome source of protein, especially after a tough class at Grit!
My all time favorite type of eggs are soft boiled. I love cracking into a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg and watching the yoke run all over my plate, it’s the perfect way to get that sauciness I crave without adding a bunch of extra toppings. My go to breakfast is whole grain toast, avocado, tomato, and of course, a soft boiled egg. The trick is cooking the yoke so that the white cooks solid, but the yoke remains runny. Here’s how to get the perfect soft boiled egg every time:


You’ll need an extra set of napkins for this meal….one for the eggs and the other for the drool.
We can’t wait to make this delicious looking meal. Thank you so much Miss Casey for the recipe and gorgeous photos.
 You can find more of Casey’s delicious recipe’s, tips, and photography at And, of course, don’t miss her fabulous classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights!


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