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It’s baby season at Grit Cycle and we couldn’t be more tickled…pink. {wink wink..hint, hint.}

Yes, must be that purified, filtered water we’re serving, because Grit Cycle is knocked up.—at least a few of the instructors are, and we can’t keep our sweaty hands off their precious bellies!

Our own Chelsea Gregory, Chanel Nelson, and Danielle Habedanck are all flush with the pregnancy glow. Chelsea will be having her third daughter any day now. Chanel, along with daddy, Mike Angelo {also a Grit Instructor} is due with her daughter, Piper, in December, and Danielle just announced she’s expecting her first baby, with husband Ryan, in March of next year.

Long gone are the days where women used to hide away for nine months, sight unseen, to incubate, quilting blankets for baby. And that ol’ tale of keeping your heart rate below 140 bpms is as outdated as those Reeboks with the straps.

Still, the amount of conflicting information out there {especially on the internet} on how to approach exercise can be anxiety-inducing–which is the last thing a newly pregnant woman needs.

We reached out to a few of our past and present pregnant moms-to-be on how Grit Cycle fit into their pregnancies.


Catching up with Chelsea Gregory before she delivers her third child, and second baby girl, {Chelsea’s due date is less than a month away} we found Chelsea still getting gritty through every step of her latest pregnancy. With the exception of being unable to buy the newest crop tops in the shop, Chelsea has zero complaints for what has become her favorite workout during pregnancy.

Chelsea how has teaching and taking classes at Grit felt during this pregnancy?

Believe it or not you truly can do most, if not all, of the Grit class most of your pregnancy! It wasn’t until about 7 ½ months that I realized I couldn’t do push ups in the saddle. I had a belly in the way! I’d have to say that depending on the day, sprints are more challenging as well. Sometimes I’ll turn up the resistance and take my sprint to the slower beat of the song.

I have to say that I got really into spin after having my second child; and it helped me bounce back better than anything before. And now having done Grit throughout my entire third pregnancy, and not with my previous two pregnancies, I feel like this time around has been a breeze. …Not to mention she will probably come out loving Chainsmokers and Major Lazer!

Chelsea what advice do you give to other expectant mothers coming to Grit?

The advice I would give to expectant mothers would be to most importantly listen to your body while spinning. What you were maybe once capable of prior to pregnancy you may not be able to do at 6 months pregnant and that’s ok! I’ve also had people ask me about overheating in the saddle room while pregnant. This really has not been an issue. There are so many great bikes located near a fan and/or air vent!


For first-time mommy-to-be, Chanel Nelson, teaching and taking classes at Grit has been the perfect mind and body supplement to her pregnancy.

Chanel says she’s already wired and primed for those early morning feedings since she’s already up, most mornings in Kaitlin Honeycutt’s 7am bad-ass class! “When I walk out of class all pumped up, awake, endorphins running through my veins, and high on life… I’m pretty sure my baby girl feels the same way. I have a strong feeling she is going to love bumping music, dancing and well, spinning too!! Obviously!!!! Mike Angelo and I joke that our daughter is going to be the one with the rattling car from the ghetto gangster rap bass she blasts while driving. We’ll both be like, ” yep, that’s our girl!”

 I didn’t have to modify any moves taking class until my third trimester. My belly got in the way of tap backs so I just take them a little easier so I’m not knee to belly and bumping poor little Piper. I’ve definitely modified sprints! Depending on the day I will use more resistance and go slower end rather than spinning double time during 15-45 second sprints. I try to be mindful of not getting my heart rate up too high and get too out of breath because breathing becomes more difficult in the third trimester and if you are struggling to catch your breath, your little one is too!
I feel so lucky to have been spinning at Grit before baby and during because, not going to lie, I was probably in the best shape of my life {thanks to grit} before I got pregnant. The best part is that anything you have been doing before pregnant the doctor recommends to continue to do because your body is used to it. It’s so healthy to stay active during your pregnancy. Grit Cycle is amazing because it’s a  such a supportive community; which can be so helpful on those {hormonal} days when your glass isn’t so half-full. 
 The biggest challenge for me has been FOMO I get so excited when I clip in and take class that I forget to take it easy and burn out quickly. I’ve had to slow down in the third trimester and it’s frustrating because I still want  to do everything even though my body is telling me “no.” I remind myself that I’m already doing so much, Making Life!!!!! 
The best advice that I’ve been given and I will give is: “just do you!” Talk with your doctor and make your best judgement call. My doctor told me to continue my routine and to listen to my body because you know your body best! So you do you girl, listen to your body and don’t be so hard on yourself! If you want to be on the safe side you can always purchase a heart rate monitor. 
For our newest member of the pregnancy club, instructor Danielle Habedanck, the transition to taking care of this new life inside her has been an easy one; Danielle is a labor and delivery nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange. She gave us a peek at her tiny bump and offered up the following insight on her pregnancy modifications at Grit:
 Being newly pregnant has definitely been an adjustment for me. Not just emotionally but more physically. Going from being super fit and doubling down all the time, to seeing my a** grow twice the size, my boobs becoming massive and breaking out like crazy; I’ve had to adjust with the body image part. It is an inner struggle but seeing my belly grow in a good way is exciting, and I can’t wait to feel that first kick. Also I’m grateful for my loving hubby who tells me I look beautiful everyday while I chow down on Mexican food non-stop and carbs up the wazoo!
I haven’t had to make too many modifications to teaching or taking class; just been a little more conscious of my heart rate and listening to my body. Oh and wearing a more supportive bra…. too much bouncing in the chest area from this little human growing inside of me! Haha 
The best thing about being pregnant is having all the support and the fellow mammas at Grit! 
 The biggest challenge has been getting up the energy to teach some days; with working night shift as a nurse and being pregnant, the life has been sucked out of me …. Literally. 
As long as you have been doing them consistently, it is okay to do the same workouts you have been doing before you were pregnant. Keep you HR at 140-150bpm {I know super hard to do when you are rocking out while doing a motorcycle.} Just remember your baby needs oxygen just as much as you do {sorry was that too technical? Haha.} Most importantly…. Listen to your body. If some moves make you cramp more than others than sit that one out. We as instructors completely understand. It’s your ride and your environment!!! 


For instructor Katie, seen above,  pregnant, last year,  weeks away from delivering her daughter Sutton, Grit Cycle was her only salvation from a difficult pregnancy.

I had severe hyperemesis gravidarum, where for the whole pregnancy I was getting sick 24 hours a day. Even with medication and IV therapy I couldn’t get any relief, except for my time on a spin bike. Exercise was the only remedy to my nausea. The saddle room was my safe haven every day. I would sit most of class, in the back, near a fan, but I’d keep the beat and do as much as I could. It’s funny because my baby never failed to kick whenever we would do “hovers.” To this day I think that’s why I still avoid them.  

Katie also credits riding to her quick c-section recovery: “Within three weeks post-delivery I was back on the bike {going VERY EASY!!} taking classes again.”

 Grit welcomes all expecting mothers, please follow your doctor’s advice and recommendations regarding physical activity.

When you come to take or book a class, please let the front desk and your instructor know you are pregnant so that we can accommodate you with an extra cool towel, fans, and to ensure you are properly set-up.

Grit Cycle wishes you all a lovely weekend.

Please remember to tell us what’s your favorite “saddle-room move” in the comments section of our “Welcome to the Outpost” post. We’ll be picking {3} winners this upcoming Wednesday, September 28th,  at our Good Karma Happy Hour event at Cafe Gratitude.

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