As the calendar officially winds summer’s sunny, blue-skied visit down, you’ll find many of us chasing after every last, golden, glow-making UV ray, or at least maxing out our AMEX cards at Bronzed Bunny–all in the hopes of maintaining that trademark California tan.


Yet, with 1 in 3 people diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime, thankfully the days of the “savage tan” look are long gone.  But still, look around, either via the natural, vitamin D way or the artificial spray tan route, most locals still seek out some semblance of that bronze umber.

Then there a few of us outliers, who shun those UV RAYS, vampire-style, like it’s a second job.

Our own Grit goddesses Dani and Amanda are adamant about their sun exposure, {or rather lack thereof} and their baby-bottom soft, wrinkle-free, incandescent skin is visual proof of a life lived protected from the sun’s nasty, cancer-causing rays.

We sat down with these milky-skinned fairy princesses to uncover what’s behind their “sun snub” and to get some tips on how they protect their skin.

imageMiss Dani, your skin is just flawless. Divulge please. What’s the story behind your peaches & cream complexion? 

 I found out that I had skin cancer about 3 and a half years ago on my face. I went through MOHs surgery to get rid of the cancer and have since had many “abnormalities” removed from various parts of my body. Aesthetically – I am covered in very colorful tattoos – and the sun is their worst enemy. It leeches the color from the skin and after time will make the tattoos look mottled and dull. Plus – the sun ages your skin and destroys the elasticity. I have grown to love my pale skin.

I am not a huge beach person, but if I do go you better believe that I am under an umbrella with SPF 50 slathered all over my body. I generally stay in the shade – I love being outdoors and “shade bathing” (if that is even a thing).


Ok, so give up the goods; what are your must-have products to keep you safe from the sun?

For my body I use Coola SPF 50 or SunBum SPF 50, for my face I use Josie Maran Argan daily moisturizer with SPF 47

I wear Colorscience SPF 50 face powder, Coola sunscreen lip balm, larger hats, long sleeves, and lots of black clothing 😉

Parasols have become a MUST.


Miss Amanda, you have the skin of a porcelain doll. Most girls your age are baking in the sun at the beach; how did you get so sun-savvy?
I avoid the sun because UV rays can be damaging over time, I like to keep myself wrinkle free with soft skin! For a long time I desperately wanted to be tan however after many sunburns I became more educated on the risks that can happen later in life. I cut the tanning and came back to the shadows!
 I wear sunscreen religiously! I always have it on me, and extra in my purse! On top of that I keep my skin super moisturized. I refer to myself as an “indoor cat” I only go outside if I have too 😉
What products do you swear by to keep you a-glow?
After a lot of trial and error I came to find that the Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunscreen (spf 100+ of course!) works the best for me! I use it all day everyday!
 I don’t use too many products on my skin besides sunscreen, but if I do feel a little warm, some fresh Aloe Vera does the trick!
 I use the Benefit Air Patrol eye primer which has spf 20 for a little extra protection, and it also makes my eye shadow last all day! And sunscreen of course, I use it as a base/primer for my everyday make up that helps it last all day with great protection!
 You’ll never see me around my school’s campus without my big black sunhat! Since I do love wear dresses and rompers I carry around an oversized cardigan or flannel to cover my back a shoulders.

 Thank you Amanda and Dani! We are definitely inspired to be more astute with our sun protection.
We want to hear from you Gritties!!
What are your favorite products, tricks, + tactics to help cover up from the sun?

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