Did you hear it?

We did.

The clink-clanking of parents across the country “cheers’ing” each other in victory on another school year commenced.

We thought this hallowed event deserved its own cocktail so we turned to Grit Cycle’s resident mixologist, never-miss-a-class-or-a-chance to figure 8, and party planner to the stars {Upon Request Events} Debbie Springer.

Debbie is Facebook famous for her scrumptious, made from scratch, seasonal cocktails.

img_1344A margarita of course!” 

 Debbie didn’t hesitate in her choice for a back-to-school celebration.

But not just your ordinary margarita boys and girls; this one is a double-old fashion-full of the best still in season at the farmers market.

Rush out and snatch those tangerines and strawberries; they’ve never tasted sweeter.


Delicious and gorgeous–just like Debbie; thank you so much Mrs. Springer for what we hope will be an on-going series.

Remember to drink responsibly; and watch your under the influence “common core” math advice…

Tell us Gritties, what’s your favorite margarita {flavor? place to have? tequila?}

Cheers to you!

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