A recurring post we hope to bring to you is our “What’s in your bag” series; where we delve into the nooks, crannies, sometimes KIND bar crumb’ed corners of our staff’s gym bags.

What better way to begin than with our instructor of the month for June, miss Dani!

Dani cordially allowed us a glimpse into her rock star gym bag where we caught a peep at some of the items that aid and abet those sell-out, mind-blowing classes of hers.

Here is what we found:

An extra pair of athletic shoes!

 I usually wear my vans when I walk into class but sometimes class gets so full I have to give my bike away so I have a backup pair of Nikes to dance around the room in, and a few pairs of Stance athletic socks.

An extra set of workout clothing.

 I typically keep a Koral jumpsuit as a gym bag staple piece.

A lint roller.

 I have three dogs with white fur and I have an affinity for black clothing 🙂

A handkerchief.

My hairdresser told me I shouldn’t use anything elastic on my hair since I like to change the color so much. I started using a handkerchief when I dyed my hair green – I would finish class with green hair dye remnants down my face and my neck leaving me looking like the incredible hulk – so this helps hold my hair out of my face without elastic and minimizes the green bleed after a fresh due job 🙂

A makeup bag!

Staples are Kat Von D Tattoo liner, Urban Decay subversion lash primer and Big Fatty mascara, Josie Maran Illuminizing Veil, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo (currently in granite), Too faced melted long wear lipstick in ruby and violet, Anastasia Beverly Hills concealer, Tarte amazonian clay powder, sweet essentials orange blossom water, Josie Maran Argan oil, and Sun Bum sunscreen SPF 50!!!

An iPad bag which always is stocked with her saddle room essentials:

 my iPad of course, two bags of windscreens (one clean and one dirty – I switch my windscreen after every class,) Singer’s Saving grace throat spray which I spray before I teach to coat my throat, WOW drops (which Katie Osumi turned me on to!!!), Altoid mints which I pop throughout class (no one likes and instructor with funky breath), Zum mist in frankincense-lavender (Lisa turned me on to this stuff!) which I spray on my self and around the room, whatever lipstick I am wearing that day for last-minute touch-ups, a screwdriver for my microphones in case I need to change the channel, and three wireless microphones (I always like to have backup in the event one takes a crap when I am about to teach.)


Oh I also have a pair of hot pink beats in my bag. 

A glamorous bag for an equally glamorous girl.

Thank you Dani for sharing with us.

What about you Gritties?

What are some of your must-have gym bag items?

We showed you some of ours; now it’s your turn…

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