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This month’s charity cuddles in, close, to our gritty hearts. For the month of May, Grit Cycle is supporting the John Wayne Cancer Foundation {JWCF}.

The legendary John Wayne, father to our own Marisa Wayne, beat brutal lung cancer in 1964; yet lost his fight, fifteen years later, to stomach cancer. In that period of time he became a staunch supporter of others fighting this awful disease.

In respect to their father’s memory, the family of John Wayne established the John Wayne Cancer Foundation {JWCF} whose mission is to “bring courage, strength and grit to the fight against cancer.” Throughout our community the JWCF is busy providing support, aid and awareness to all affected with cancer.


Such projects have included a $100,000 donation to the Roundup River Ranch through which 40 child cancer SURVIVORS{!} were able to attend the week-long summer camp for free.JWCF_BlocktheBlaze_2Color_CMYK.png One of JWCF’s most successful initiatives has been Block the Blaze.

3.6 million people, and 1 in 3 Californians are diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime. 95-100% of these skin cancers are curable if detected in time. Block the Blaze strives to educate young people on the importance of skin cancer prevention; they have recently partnered up with California Surf Lifesaving Association to provide proper skin safety tips to our junior lifeguards.


Education and support is vital, but, in the end, the cure for cancer is what we’re really all hoping for. Through its fundraising, JWCF was able to create the John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica. It is here that world-class research and progress is being made in the fight against this dreadful disease.

We at Grit couldn’t be prouder to support the John Wayne Cancer Foundation for the month of May with our two fantastic Karma Rides:

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Wednesday May 11th with Marisa + Kaitlin at 4:15pm


karmaThursday May 19th with Mike {our instructor of the month} at 10:45am.

It costs $20 to reserve your bike, but we gratefully accept donations all month-long at the studio.

Let’s finally kick this wretched cancer to the curb.

See you in the saddle room!

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