5 Things We Wish You’d Tell Us!

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Here’s what we want you to tell us after class!

1.  That you really liked a certain song (genre of song or artist) that we played.  We listen to our music SO much that we get numb to it long before you do.  When you tell us that you liked it, we know to play more of it!

2.  That you were referred to us by (your friend, an article that you read, a blog post you saw, someone at the front desk).  We love to thank people who send us clients.  We also like to know what is working and what isn’t.  We might be spending a lot of time writing our blog, but if you found us on Instagram, we want to know that!

3.  That you are new.  Ideally, you should tell us that before class, but we get it…people are afraid that we might call them out.  So tell us after.  We want to make sure you feel welcomed and comfortable on your bike the next time you come in.  This allows us to make any adjustments for you before your next ride.

4.  That you are going on vacation for three weeks.  No, you don’t have to tell us your every move, but if you have faithfully been coming to our classes and then suddenly stop, we will freak out!  I’ve had clients tell me that they are traveling, having surgery or taking on a new work schedule and won’t be in my class.  Phew!  I was hoping I didn’t scare you off.  Thanks for telling me!

5.  That you liked us.  Yes, we need your approval.  This isn’t our workout.  We do this because we LOVE to motivate and inspire YOU.  So when you run out before the stretch, hop in the shower and jam off to work, we have no idea how you felt.  You don’t have to do it after every class but once in a while would be great!!!!  Really.  Really great!

Thanks so much for reading and we’ll see you in the Saddle Room!

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  1. Janet says:

    Truth be told: I found Grit on YELP when searching for spin studios not so close to my home. I was a 4 day a week spinner who took 2 year hiatus and did not want to see a single familiar face while I got back on my game. I had hear good things about GRIT. My experience is easily summed up in one word: WOW! Beautiful, clean studio, friendly welcome, available assistance, and a ROCKIN’ good ride! If all of that wasn’t enough to surpass all my expectations the tasteful phone call 3 days after my first ride asking my how my experience was and informing me of a new rider discount did! Of course I took advantage of the discount and at the end of the call she even offered to schedule my next class for me. The entire Grit team and their intention to motivate & inspire is very clear and goes well beyond the 45 minutes in the saddle room. Thank you!

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