Oh you lucky April ducks! We are happy to announce this month’s instructor of the month as Kelli Collins! Our tiny, dancing dynamo comes at you, HOT!, four times a week: Mondays and Wednesdays at noon with Gritty Quicky, and then later on the same nights at 6:45pm—where she sells it OUT!!
For the month of April you can take the following of Kelli’s 6:45pm classes {4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27} at a discounted rate.

Kelli recently stopped by the Outpost to share a little nitty gritty about her, and opened up on some of her guilty pleasures!

What song instantly gets you dancing?
My new jam that makes my booty shake is TEAM by Iggy Izalea, Thanks to Danielle H:)
Do you have a secret talent?
Hidden Talent? I keep this one from the boys:) I play basketball and have a mean 3 pointer:) I pretend I’m not that good then I start taking the boys out 1 by 1 lol:) I guess MVP of the Valley back in the day paid off:)
Last book you read?
Last book I read “Vogue” does that count lol I have a short attention span if I have to sit. 🙂
What would your last meal be?
Last meal would be a Mexican Fiesta with as much hot salsa and guacamole I can fill myself up with and I’d wash it down with a refreshing margarita.
What was the first concert you went to?
 In high school what were you most likely to….?

In high school I was most likely known for my Cherry Red Gremlin that had blinkers that sang “Love Me Tender” by Elvis. Also being the one who would most likely to be “Famous” lol as the votes would say:) I’m still working on this one ha-ha:)



What was the last text you sent?

The last text I just sent was a Bitmoji 😉


 What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

Biggest guilty pleasure shhhhhh buying everything at GRIT it’s seriously an addiction. And Nutella on everything.

When you’ve had a long day how do you de-stress? 

When I have a long day I love to de-stress by going to the gym and sitting in the steam and sauna, then head home to shower and hit the couch:) not unless it’s wine wednesday at Black Knight!:)


From the numbers in the saddle room it’s clear that miss Kelli is becoming a new Gritty “guilty pleasure”—and we couldn’t agree more!

We love you miss Kelli, thank you so much for stopping by.

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