Coming at us like a lioness is our instructor of the month for March, Leigh Beach.

Leigh whips the troops into shape every Monday + Wednesday at 8:15am with her tell-it-like-it-is, always fun, popular class. Leigh’s classes on Wednesday 3/9, 3/16 + 3/30 will all be offered at a discounted rate, with a special, guest #humpday podium rider {wink wink.} We were lucky to get some scoop on Leigh and her life outside the saddle room.


Give us the nitty gritty on you:
I grew up in San Diego and arrived in the OC for college {Chapman Grad, go Panthers!} My first job out of college was working in the press office on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign for the recall. I met my husband, Eric on the first day of work. We were engaged 3 months after that. We have 3 kids {Rylan, 9, Sawyer, 8, Saxon, 4} and have been married for almost 12 years.


What brought you to the grit podium?

I was literally terrified of teaching at Grit. I had never taught that format before. I was afraid of screwing up. Couldn’t imagine teaching off the bike. I dared myself to tryout and never looked back! I try to pick one fear to conquer a year. For 2015, that was Grit.

What was your first experience in the saddle room?
Matt invited me to a 5:45am class. Other than thinking he was smoking something for inviting me to ride at that ungodly hour, I had no idea what to expect. He turned out the lights and turned on “Holy Grail” and I couldn’t believe how it felt to be riding with a bunch of strangers on the same foot to the beat. I knew they had created something special at that moment.

Do you have any pre-class rituals?
Just kidding.
But I can’t teach without coffee…It’s my liquid courage…and I go over every playlist in the morning before class while I’m getting the kids ready for school…which is always interesting/fun/chaotic.


What do you do when you’re not getting gritty?
Google the answers to common core math problems.
Wonder if my 4-year-old will ever be fully potty-trained.
Think about blogging again.
Hit up the grocery store.
Clean up after my three animals, I mean kids.
Guzzle glasses of wine. I’m a mom.

What’s your favorite “move” on the bike and why?
I love a 2-1 count motorcycle…and you can never go wrong with a good, full-of-juicy-gear push-tap.


What is your favorite/trademark song to teach?
Right now, I’m loving “unstoppable” by Sia.
I just can’t stop playing it. I love songs where you can just get lost in the lyrics. This one really speaks to me.

What is your favorite food?
In my house, dip is a food group.


Who is your celebrity crush?
Have you seen my #humpday posts? Who don’t I have a crush on?!


What song instantly gets you dancing?
“Bad” by Michael Jackson.


What would your last meal be?
Chips, guac and a beer.

In high school what were you most likely to….?
I was voted {drumroll please} “least likely to be seen in class.” I know. My parents were so proud.


What was the last text you sent?
Probably the crying laughing emoji to Katie Osumi.

 What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?
Getting out of town for the weekend {sans kids} with Eric and acting like we’re 23 again.


Thank you Leigh for stopping by. We can’t wait to ride with you on Monday and Wednesday at 8:15am!



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